Finding friendships with food

By Ella Hall and Emma Scepkova Although food provides nutrients to the body, an individual can view food with a positive outlook or, in some cases, with fear. The positive outlook isn’t an issue in this case; however, the fearful view is, especially in teenagers. An anonymous source at Key West High School (KWHS) experiences a different outlook on food daily. “When there’s a day … Continue reading Finding friendships with food

Filmed in the Florida Keys

Aside from beautiful beaches and plenty of sunshine, the Florida Keys are also a great setting for a movie or show. In fact, the Florida Keys have hosted a good number of film crews since around 1948, including a show based on Carl Hiaasen’s book, Bad Monkey and various movies such as Key Largo’ (1948) and True Lies (1994). There have also been specific scenes … Continue reading Filmed in the Florida Keys

Stay Focused!

A dangerous plague has been steadily infecting the upperclassmen of Key West High School (KWHS) for years now. Its symptoms may include procrastination, skipping school, and overall laziness. The diagnosis? Senioritis.  Senioritis is a decline in motivation in academics that usually strikes students in their last year of high school. Hunter Rogers-Leon, a senior at KWHS, explained how easily senioritis can creep up on a … Continue reading Stay Focused!

KWHS Mock Trial team achieves first place at their district competition

On February 14th, the Key West High School (KWHS) Mock Trial team made the high school proud by winning first place in their district competition, enhancing them to states on March 31st to April 3rd. Their state event will be virtual at KWHS due to COVID-19, disallowing travel to be an issue in their budget.  Introduced to KWHS three years ago, Mock Trial is a … Continue reading KWHS Mock Trial team achieves first place at their district competition

Stop Stressing, Relax!

Stress gradually wears on people like a parasite slowly takes over its host. Though it takes time for the damage to be done, it oftentimes is detrimental. Modern life has many stressors, especially for the students of Key West High School.  Attempting to juggle success in school with sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, with work is difficult. A senior at KWHS, Sadie Dodds shared, “I feel … Continue reading Stop Stressing, Relax!

Goins places in the FHSAA girls weightlifting state competition

On February 11th, Marina Goins, a senior at Key West High School (KWHS), made history for the KWHS girls weightlifting team by placing third in the 169-pound weight class for snatch; an Olympic weightlifting move, at the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) girls weightlifting state competition. Although the switch from the 1A to the 2A district for KWHS made the athletic competition more of … Continue reading Goins places in the FHSAA girls weightlifting state competition

Winter Wonderland In Florida

By: Summer Livengood It’s becoming cold in Florida? From January 30, 2022, till Feb 2, 2022, it dropped from the high 70s down to the low 50s (In Fahrenheit).  Now, tourists from cold states think this temperature is hot, but for the locals, it’s freezing. Seeing students and teachers wear  layers and layers of clothes. The temperature on January 22-29 had warm partly cloudy weather … Continue reading Winter Wonderland In Florida