Bad Batch Review

Disney Plus released the season finale of “Star Wars Bad Batch” on Friday, August 13th. It concluded the 16 episodes of the first season following the so-called “defect” soldiers of Clone Force 99, who were initially introduced in season 7 of Clone Wars. The Bad Batch crew, consisting of Hunter, … Continue reading Bad Batch Review

2021 Junior/Senior Luau

On April 16th, Key West High School (KWHS) hosted their annual event, the Junior/Senior Luau at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater. However, this year the event came with a twist, COVID-19 style. Teachers and parents were present to supervise and ensure that the students were socially distant and keeping their masks … Continue reading 2021 Junior/Senior Luau

My Future Review

Starting out as a 14 year old girl with a dream, Billie Eilish released a new alternative pop single, My Future, on July 30, 2020, after her last single, No Time To Die, and her booming album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?  First impressions are always … Continue reading My Future Review

Hollywood Netflix

By: Emily Bracher Many know Ryan Murphy for his shows like Glee, American Horror Story, the Politician, and many more. On May 1st, Netflix released his latest production, Hollywood, which follows a fictional story of many actors in 40s Hollywood. Not long after being released, it has made its way … Continue reading Hollywood Netflix

Tiger King

By: Emily Bracher Quarantine has given us a lot of free time and not a lot of options for what to do. Everyone has had to find things to keep themselves busy while still staying cooped up in the house. One of the most popular of these activities has been … Continue reading Tiger King

Last Christmas Review

By Sadie Dodds Kate (Emilia Clarke) can’t seem to get her life back on track after she survived a life threatening heart problem the Christmas prior. Her job, friendships, family relationships, and goals are slipping through her fingers. Suddenly she meets Tom and it seems like everything might turn around. … Continue reading Last Christmas Review

It 2 Review

By: Sadie Dodds “It 2” is the sequel to the 2017 movie “It.” This movie features the older versions of the main characters in the original film: Beverly, Richie, Eddie, Stanley, Bill, Ben, and Mike as they fight the shape-shifting, cannibalistic clown, It for the second time. Each kid, except … Continue reading It 2 Review

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