Achieve as much as possible!

Like a fledgling, hopping out of the nest and yearning to fly, people too have goals. Something a person strives to complete the task at hand. Unlike dreams, goals are achievable and attainable.  A person can have dreams, they can have thousands and thousands of ideal scenarios which they wish to accomplish, but sometimes dreams are just dreams. Though there are many types of goals, … Continue reading Achieve as much as possible!

Siddharth Singh Sets Off For Brown!

Every day, people make decisions: who to text, what to wear, where to eat. Many of these choices are somewhat unimportant and meaningless. However, there comes a time in a student’s life where they must make one of the greatest decisions they may face; where, or if, they will attend college. The seniors of Key West High School (KWHS) have finally reached this final decision … Continue reading Siddharth Singh Sets Off For Brown!

Take a chance: Travel!

Adventures have inspired many incredible things like the unification of the world through the Silk Road or the wonderful works of Hemingway or Kerouac. Exploring new languages, foods, and cultures can be extremely exciting. Everyone, especially teenagers, can benefit from venturing into exhilarating places.  Siarah Singh, a sophomore  at Key West High School (KWHS), divulged all the fun she had while in Italy, earlier this … Continue reading Take a chance: Travel!

Live, Laugh, Love: Lacrosse

 Since the start of the season, Key West High School’s (KWHS) Girls Lacrosse team has dominated the field through their diligence, teamwork, and skill. Their hard work is reflected in their incredible ten-to-two win-loss record this season.  Climbing their way up the ranks to the top, the girls lacrosse team is ready to win the district championship. Naomi Grabus, Juliette Hamilton,  Isabella Marchiano, and Katie … Continue reading Live, Laugh, Love: Lacrosse

Finding friendships with food

By Ella Hall and Emma Scepkova Although food provides nutrients to the body, an individual can view food with a positive outlook or, in some cases, with fear. The positive outlook isn’t an issue in this case; however, the fearful view is, especially in teenagers. An anonymous source at Key West High School (KWHS) experiences a different outlook on food daily. “When there’s a day … Continue reading Finding friendships with food

Stay Focused!

A dangerous plague has been steadily infecting the upperclassmen of Key West High School (KWHS) for years now. Its symptoms may include procrastination, skipping school, and overall laziness. The diagnosis? Senioritis.  Senioritis is a decline in motivation in academics that usually strikes students in their last year of high school. Hunter Rogers-Leon, a senior at KWHS, explained how easily senioritis can creep up on a … Continue reading Stay Focused!

Opportunities Beyond The Norm

Most teenagers decide to jump straight into college after high school without a second thought. According to the United States (US) Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 66.2% of high school graduates immediately enroll into a college or university. However, other options fly past students without them even knowing.  One unique opportunity often not thought of by the average high school student is applying to a … Continue reading Opportunities Beyond The Norm