Perception of politics

The social contract is an agreement between the people living in the nation and the government. In this deal, the country’s citizens give up certain rights or liberties in exchange for protection from the government. This arrangement has been the basis of democratic ideals worldwide, including the United States of America (USA). However, a dangerous threat of miscommunication and polarization could lead to the downfall … Continue reading Perception of politics

Never Forget.

Americans have surpassed numerous challenging periods over the past 100 years. With different cultures clashing, and the brink of war brewing under the surface, tensions began to rise. On September 11, 2001, a day that would be remembered for decades in infamy as the day the world was changed, the USA was attacked.  September 11, 2022, marks the twenty-first anniversary of the day approximately 3,000 … Continue reading Never Forget.

Achieve as much as possible!

Like a fledgling, hopping out of the nest and yearning to fly, people too have goals. Something a person strives to complete the task at hand. Unlike dreams, goals are achievable and attainable.  A person can have dreams, they can have thousands and thousands of ideal scenarios which they wish to accomplish, but sometimes dreams are just dreams. Though there are many types of goals, … Continue reading Achieve as much as possible!

Siddharth Singh Sets Off For Brown!

Every day, people make decisions: who to text, what to wear, where to eat. Many of these choices are somewhat unimportant and meaningless. However, there comes a time in a student’s life where they must make one of the greatest decisions they may face; where, or if, they will attend college. The seniors of Key West High School (KWHS) have finally reached this final decision … Continue reading Siddharth Singh Sets Off For Brown!