Chinese murder suspect with lots of public sympathy dies after more than a week on the run

It all started on October 10th, when 55-year-old Ou Jinzhong allegedly killed two of his neighbors and wounded three others in China’s southern Fujian province. Police said that Ou killed a 78-year-old man, his daughter-in-law, and also injured his wife, 34-year-old grandson, and 9-year-old great-grandson over a land dispute. He … Continue reading Chinese murder suspect with lots of public sympathy dies after more than a week on the run

Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) trapped in an abandoned drifting net, Balearic Channel, Mediterranean sea.

Endangered Sea Turtles

By: Vivienne Wellet  Endangered Species are all around the world, and they are endangered because of hunting, fishing, prey, etc. Many sea turtle species are on the endangered list, they are vulnerable to people who poach them for their eggs, meat, skin, and even their shell. Nearly all sea turtle … Continue reading Endangered Sea Turtles

Brazilian President accused of Crimes Against Humanity at ICC

President Bolsanaro in front of crowds in Brasilia (Adriano Machado via Reuters) Brazilian president Jair Bolsanaro has been accused at the ICC (Intl. Criminal court) of crimes against humanity by the Austrian group AllRise. AllRise has urged the UN to investigate President Bolsanaro due to his “widespread attacks on the … Continue reading Brazilian President accused of Crimes Against Humanity at ICC

Two Headed Animals

In Greek Mythology, there is an animal known to be born with three heads, called Cerberus.  In more recent times there have been cases of two headed animals. Snakes, turtles, cats, cows, pigs, fish, birds, dogs, and sharks on multiple occasions have been born with two heads.  The first two … Continue reading Two Headed Animals

Wildfires In California

  By: Vivienne Wellet Recently, California Wildfires have struck yet again this year.The fires have caused great destruction to not only us humans, but to animals, homes, and many parts of land we use for many things like farming, building, and many other things. This fire season, there has been … Continue reading Wildfires In California

Keywords: stock, animal research, cosmetics testing, rabbit, laboratory Experimental white rabbits in the acrylic restraint box for testing drug safety and toxicity

Animal Testing

Every time you use hand lotion or apply makeup, think about how they’re made. Not the ingredients themselves, but how they made sure it was safe. Animals are tested on thousands of products such as makeup, lotion, perfumes, sunscreen, eyeliner, shampoo, and even contact lenses. Mice, frogs, rats, bunnies, dogs, … Continue reading Animal Testing

Endangered Owls

By: Vivienne Wellet   Most Owls are on the endangered list because of habitat destruction and fragmentation. Another reason is because of human disturbances such as the cutting down of trees, which can be prevented. Although owls are protected under federal law, there are only about 2,000 owls of all different … Continue reading Endangered Owls

Animals catch Covid

Covid started from a female who had eaten a diseased bat in china. After a while she started feeling sick but still kept doing her day to day things spreading the new diseases.  After a while it started spreading across states, countries, cities, and all other places around the world.  … Continue reading Animals catch Covid

African white rhino (Ceratotherium simum), mother and calf. National park of Kenya.


There are five different species of rhinos on earth, and most of them aren’t living happily. The West African Black Rhinoceros went extinct in 2011, and the Java and Sumartan species are critically endangered. The only places rhinos can live peacefully are in national parks and reserves, hardly any can … Continue reading Rhinos

Biden Administration announces new plan to deal with extreme heat

Probably one of the most prominent consequences of global warming is extreme heat, which affects everybody everywhere. Extreme heat warms up an environment as well as all of the organisms that live in it. If your body develops too much heat inside of it, you could experience heat cramps, heat … Continue reading Biden Administration announces new plan to deal with extreme heat

Cane Toads

The Cane toad is also called the giant neotropical toad or marine toad. This species is a large frog four to six inches in size. The Cane toad in native to south and mainland central america but has become invasive to Australia. The Cane toad got to Australia in a … Continue reading Cane Toads

France recalls US and Australian ambassadors over submarine deal

The French Government in Paris has officially withdrawn all ambassadors from the United States and Australia after the Australian government ditched a submarine deal with the French government, and instead went with the United States for their submarine deal. Negotiations over the original French submarine deal occurred 5 years ago, … Continue reading France recalls US and Australian ambassadors over submarine deal

13 New Hershey Flavors

Even though Christmas is still three months and two major holidays away, Hershey is preparing to reveal their new flavors, sizes, shapes, and wrappers. All 13 of them! From three feet long to one inch, they’re bound to be delicious.  The flavors range from gingerbread to peanut brittle, and other … Continue reading 13 New Hershey Flavors

The California Recall Election: Everything that Happened

In February of last year, Republican organizers were trying to start a recall election to remove California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, from office over numerous political issues. However, COVID struck not shortly after, and the effort died down for a bit. While other states were experiencing explosions in cases, California was … Continue reading The California Recall Election: Everything that Happened

Key Deer

By: Summer Livengood In Big Pine Key, there resides a subspecies of the White-tailed deer known as Key Deer.The first key deers to be discovered were in 1575 by a Spanish explorer who shipwrecked on the Florida keys. Key deer are part of the white tailed deer. People assume that … Continue reading Key Deer

The Bees

Did you know that there are 2 trillion bees scattered around the world? That may seem like too many but 1,000 bees die in just a day and that number is increasing rapidly. Bees have many threats that are causing them to die out. Even though bees are not endangered … Continue reading The Bees

Killer Plastic

We use plastic every day. Some water bottles are made with plastic as well as phone cases, and other day to day items. More than 380 million tons of plastic is made a year, which is a lot of plastic. The average person uses 5 grams of plastic a day, … Continue reading Killer Plastic

Billionaire Marc Lore to build new $400 billion city in the desert

Former Walmart CEO Marc Lore has just announced his new plan to build a new sustainable metropolis which he calls “Telosa.” The name gets its inspiration from “telos,”  a term coined by Aristotle that means a higher or final purpose. The city is going to be around 150,000 acres, and … Continue reading Billionaire Marc Lore to build new $400 billion city in the desert

Burmese Pythons

The Burmese Python is one of the largest species of snakes. They can grow up to 26 feet long and weigh more than 200 pounds. The Burmese Python is native to southeast asia. The Burmese Python is invasive to the Florida Everglades. Meaning they are not supposed to be there. … Continue reading Burmese Pythons

Members of Guinea’s armed forces celebrate after the arrest of Guinea’s president, Alpha Conde, in a coup d’etat in Conakry on September 5, 2021. – Guinean special forces seized power in a coup on September 5, arresting the president and imposing an indefinite curfew in the poor west African country. “We have decided, after having taken the president, to dissolve the constitution,” said a uniformed officer flanked by soldiers toting assault rifles in a video sent to AFP. (Photo by CELLOU BINANI / AFP)

Guinea coup leaves International community rattled

A Coup has recently occurred in the African country of Guinea, amid a wave of recent power grabs in the region. On Monday, an elite Special Forces unit of the Guinea army seized control of the Presidential palace, the capital, and said they had arrested the sitting president, Alpha Conde. … Continue reading Guinea coup leaves International community rattled

Vikings at Redskins 11/12/17

NFL Week One Preview

With the 2021 NFL regular season just two weeks away and the pre-season all wrapped up, the hype for the season is at its peak. So now it’s the perfect time to look at the week one games and the main headlines this year.            The first game on Thursday primetime … Continue reading NFL Week One Preview


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