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COVID-19 Shutting Down Schools Nationwide

By: Emily Bracher For everyone in America and many other places in the world, the past few weeks have been different. COVID-19, more likely known as the Coronavirus, has been sweeping into the lives of over a million. This disease attacks the respiratory system, very similar to the flu. Being spread through contact, most towns and cities are on lockdown to avoid human interaction.  Almost … Continue reading COVID-19 Shutting Down Schools Nationwide

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Key West High School Teacher of the Year

Being a teacher can be a very rewarding job; but, with all the day-to-day challenges, it can also be a stressful career-choice. It takes a highly dedicated, skilled, and caring person to become a teacher who can consistently make a positive impact on their students. This year, Key West High School (KWHS) Science teacher, Donna Tedesco was recognized by her peers as a teacher who … Continue reading Key West High School Teacher of the Year

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Kobe’s Legacy

By: Emily Bracher The world received devastating news Sunday morning as reports that former NBA star, Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed on a hillside in Calabasas, California. Bryant was not the only person aboard, eight other passengers were with him on what was supposed to be just a ride to a basketball tournament. The wreckage left behind no survivors.  Kobe Bryant has been considered one of … Continue reading Kobe’s Legacy

KWHS Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives

Every year, Key West High School (KWHS) seniors prepare to move on to the next step of their lives with many activities. One of the most traditional of these activities is the Senior Superlatives. The class of 2020 voted for who they believe deserved the most recognition.  Best All Around One superlative definitely stands out among the rest: “Best All Around.” The students who earn … Continue reading KWHS Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives

Follow Up: Styrofoam and Plastic Ban

By Sabian Keller and Lola Fettis Our local government has attempted to pass several bans on single-use products or other products that they worry might be harmful to our environment. Single-use products are disposable items produced to be used once. Of the many proposed to be banned, our city has only outlawed plastic straws. Though they’ve also banned the sale of any sunscreen that contains … Continue reading Follow Up: Styrofoam and Plastic Ban

Key West Backyard Renovation

By: Gus Wilson All around Key West, the high school sporting events and games create a huge buzz around town. These events are about to take a monumental step towards an upgrade. After a Monroe County School District meeting, a decision has been made to begin bids and planning on the renovation of Key West High School’s sporting fields, nicknamed “The Backyard.” This decision was … Continue reading Key West Backyard Renovation