Manga vs Comic Books

By: Thomas Horvath Superhero movies are the most popular genre of film currently, but not nearly as many people read the source material. This makes sense, as watching a movie is much simpler and less time-consuming for then reading a full-length book. Comic books have always been a niche and nerdy pastime for people who really love the stories and characters. But then there is … Continue reading Manga vs Comic Books

So What’s the Deal With Comedy?

By: Thomas Horvath The world can be pretty tough on everyone, and most people find themselves needing a break. Comedy was created to make light in dark situations. Comedy was a way for people to sit back and laugh at things that were happening around the world. Comedy continued to evolve and became a way for comedians to tell their stories and relate to their … Continue reading So What’s the Deal With Comedy?

Free Speech

By: Thomas Horvath In America, we follow the Constitution that our country was founded on. The First Amendment of the Constitution grants the right to freedom of expression. This was a relatively new thing at the time for people other than the top one percent of the population. Now you could say whatever you wanted to about politicians, religions, and many other things. But since … Continue reading Free Speech

Celebrity Influence

By: Thomas Horvath Everyone knows what a celebrity is, a celebrity is someone famous. The term comes from the word celebrate, which means that celebrities are celebrated by society or the public. But is this still true? Celebrities are famous, but do their opinions really matter to anyone anymore? Should they be held to a higher standard than other people?  Actors started as jesters, which … Continue reading Celebrity Influence

Who Can Goku Beat?

By: Thomas Horvath Son Goku from the Dragon Ball series is often described as unbeatable by many fans of the franchise. But is this true? While Goku does have immense power, there are some superheroes that he cannot beat. Still, he has a good chance against many heroes you wouldn’t expect him to beat. Here are three superheroes that Goku can and cannot beat.   Three: … Continue reading Who Can Goku Beat?

Can Batman and Spider-Man Beat Each Other’s Villains?

By: Thomas Horvath Batman and Spider-Man are the two most iconic superheroes of all time, even surpassing Superman. One thing that they both have in common is a major group of diverse and intriguing villains. While Batman’s villains tend to be more psychological, Spider-Man’s are much bigger physical threats. We all know they can beat their own villains, they do it in every comic. But … Continue reading Can Batman and Spider-Man Beat Each Other’s Villains?

The Most Popular Music Genres

By: Thomas Horvath Music is one of,  if not the most popular genres of entertainment. Music is everywhere and in everything. Whether you’re playing a video game, watching a movie, or even at a sports game, you’re going to hear music. Music is created using different instruments, with genres coming from which instruments you use. For instance, classical is heavy on piano and violin, while … Continue reading The Most Popular Music Genres


By: Thomas Horvath Everybody has different handwriting. Some people have neat handwriting, while others have almost illegible handwriting. Your handwriting has nothing to do with intelligence, and some say that if you write messy, then you might be very smart since your hand cannot keep up with your brain. This is not always the case, as many intelligent people also write very neatly. So where … Continue reading Handwriting