A Message To Future Journalists

So, you’re probably reading this Evergreen a few years in the future from its posting date. Now, you may be wondering: Why did I even bother making this article? Well, it’s not really something I usually do. I usually do international reporting, or making opinion pieces. So, what is it? Well, to cut to the chase, I think that in whatever year you’re reading this … Continue reading A Message To Future Journalists

Partisanship and Yellow Journalism Today

Shane Miller  Recently, two important American news figures, Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon, were both fired from their networks (Fox and CNN respectively). This has driven up the amount of discussion about the current state of American media and the importance of journalistic integrity in the current age. This short editorial will explore the aforementioned importance of journalistic integrity and the effects that partisanship has … Continue reading Partisanship and Yellow Journalism Today

What Happened to the Walter Cronkite’s?

Walter Cronkite was one of the most famous news anchors in U.S. history. Many people regard him as unbiased and the ‘gold standard’ for how a news anchorman and a station, in general, should be. He is still widely known as “the most trusted man in America” after he was named so in a poll of the American public in the 1970s. But the concrete … Continue reading What Happened to the Walter Cronkite’s?

Analysis of the Interstate Highway Act

America used to be globally renowned for its usage of trains as a way of shipping, transporting goods, and public transportation. But in the last 60 years, America has become a global laughing stock for public transportation-specifically for their trains and for the long-term effects of the Interstate Highway Act (IHA). The IHA is the reason that America today has a comprehensive private transportation system … Continue reading Analysis of the Interstate Highway Act

Editorial: Housing Prices, designed to drive out the Local and give the Tourist a parking space

Key West, Florida, is one of the most expensive places to live in Florida, with the average price of a house in Key West being $706,601, according to news channel 8 and WFLA.com. Tourism is the city’s main industry and is a huge income source for the local residents. However, many locals today are being driven out by high property prices and the lack of … Continue reading Editorial: Housing Prices, designed to drive out the Local and give the Tourist a parking space

The Debates of the Ukrainian War

By: Thomas Horvath It has been over a year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started. While Ukranian efforts have been holding the Russians off, it does not look like Russian President Vladimir Putin or his forces will be pulling out any time soon. Ukraine has been receiving billions of dollars in aid from members of NATO, including the United States (U.S.). The U.S. has provided … Continue reading The Debates of the Ukrainian War

Driving in Key West

One of the biggest accomplishments in almost anyone’s life is getting their driver’s license. Despite feeling great, there are also some feelings of maturity and nervousness. When I first started driving, all of those feelings bubbled up to the surface, along with excitement. The nervousness aspect, however, tends to vary depending on where I am, especially if it’s busy.  Having had my license for just … Continue reading Driving in Key West

Who Can Lift Mjolnir?

By: Thomas Horvath The widely known Avenger and God of Thunder Thor famously wields a hammer named Mjolnir. Those the hammer deems worthy may lift it and wield the power of Thor. There have been many characters that have lifted the hammer in the Marvel universe, such as Captain America, but what other characters would be able to lift his hammer outside of Marvel? There … Continue reading Who Can Lift Mjolnir?

Manga vs Comic Books

By: Thomas Horvath Superhero movies are the most popular genre of film currently, but not nearly as many people read the source material. This makes sense, as watching a movie is much simpler and less time-consuming for then reading a full-length book. Comic books have always been a niche and nerdy pastime for people who really love the stories and characters. But then there is … Continue reading Manga vs Comic Books