Testing Fatigue

With the school year ending, testing season, for most teenagers, begins. The Florida Mandated End of Course (EOC) and Advanced Placement exams (AP) start this week, and Key West High School (KWHS) finals week is steadily approaching. During this final stretch, teens can get extremely worn out and stressed from studying, testing, assignments, and any extracurricular activities that are still going on.  Most classes are … Continue reading Testing Fatigue

Uses of Journaling

Many important and well-known historical figures used journaling to record their life and scientific findings. However, journals kept by ordinary people could eventually turn out to be a true story of an awful time. Anne Frank is one such example, initially writing in her diary about mundane life, but as Nazi Germany took over her home, it became the story of her life in hiding. … Continue reading Uses of Journaling

Pros & Cons of Video Games

Debates about video games have been common and have only grown as more game innovations have been introduced. Many people, especially older generations, worry about the detrimental effects video games have on today’s youth. Despite the cons of video games, there are benefits of playing them that many people overlook. It is important to know the determinants of gaming, even if the benefits outweigh them. … Continue reading Pros & Cons of Video Games

Spring Break Springing Up Soon

With just three weeks until Key West High School’s (KWHS) spring break, balancing work, school, life, and extracurricular activities has left many teachers and students overwhelmed and ready for the week-long break. However, there still are a few more critical things to be completed before then. Between March 1st to March 16th, the last day before break, there is always something happening. Whether it’s the … Continue reading Spring Break Springing Up Soon

Driving in Key West

One of the biggest accomplishments in almost anyone’s life is getting their driver’s license. Despite feeling great, there are also some feelings of maturity and nervousness. When I first started driving, all of those feelings bubbled up to the surface, along with excitement. The nervousness aspect, however, tends to vary depending on where I am, especially if it’s busy.  Having had my license for just … Continue reading Driving in Key West

Top 10 Cities with the best Public Transport

Public transportation is one of the most important things concerning living quality in cities. Not everyone can afford a car, and walking is sometimes just too tiring. Moreover, public transportation also helps lessen pollution of the environment, as more people use the same vehicle to get around. It’s also safer, as it’s estimated that only around 200 people die every year from accidents in public … Continue reading Top 10 Cities with the best Public Transport

My Tips & Tricks for Flying

Although the Key West Airport isn’t a large airport by any means, many trips require a connecting flight, and those can be tricky to navigate.  Although young, I have had plenty of experience on planes traveling alone and with my family.  Here’s a list of my tips and tricks for the airport and airplane. First, try to keep your carry-on and personal bags packed light.  … Continue reading My Tips & Tricks for Flying

Being 16 in Key West

Sunday October 30, 2022, marked the 10th birthday I have celebrated in Key West, Florida as a 16 year old girl. Although I currently live in Key West, I lived in Heathsville, Virginia for the first five years of my life.  Over the years, I have had many opportunities and great experiences. Some at summer camps, some on school trips, and others in everyday life. … Continue reading Being 16 in Key West

Using exercise to ease educational stress

As a senior in high school, I can tell you that high school is a lot to handle. You have your normal school work, tests, final exams, etc. for all four years, but once you hit your senior year you also have to worry about college applications (if you’re going to college). I’ve felt the stress these past few weeks from applying to 12 different … Continue reading Using exercise to ease educational stress