Keys Living

   The Florida Keys consists of many wildlife, tourism, fishing, water and much more. Why live here? Living in the keys is definitely a lifestyle that is not meant for everyone. While living here and enjoying boating, eating, swimming, relaxing, which is all nice and enjoyable, but there are also aspects … Continue reading Keys Living

Shipping Delays

In 2020, we had to resort to buying many products online and in a blink of an eye, they would show up on our doorsteps. Although it did have its advantages, there were a few issues as well, most, however, are not directly from shipping or online shops. The word … Continue reading Shipping Delays

Barbados has Finally Cut Ties With Britain and has Become a Republic

By: Tricia Desroches After 55 years of getting its independence from the United Kingdom, Barbados became an official parliamentary republic. Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean and it was a British colony all the way until November 1996. Barbados peacefully gained its independence, unlike many other countries in … Continue reading Barbados has Finally Cut Ties With Britain and has Become a Republic

Alzheimer’s Disease

By: Vivienne Wellet   Alzheimer’s or also known as Dementia, is a disease that involves memory loss and interrupts other important daily things. It is caused by “the abnormal build-up of proteins in and around the brain cell.” More than 54 million people”worldwide” have Alzheimer’s. The longer Alzheimer’s disease is … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Disease

KWHS Students’ Perspectives: Are masks still a thing?

**DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT EXPRESS THE VIEWS OF THE AUTHOR AND STAFF MEMBERS OF “THE SNAPPER”** Throughout 2021, the mask policy at Key West High School (KWHS) has changed drastically over the COVID-19 year. Starting as wearing them full time, then students wavering the facial guards with parent consent, … Continue reading KWHS Students’ Perspectives: Are masks still a thing?

Traffic in Florida

By: Summer Livengood During the holidays Florida’s roads sure do get busy. Many accidents, injuries, and many violations. On the holiday weeks, the last thing you want is a ticket or something worse to happen. There are many things you can do to prevent something from happening to you.   There … Continue reading Traffic in Florida

US Teenager, Kyle Rittenhouse, Has Been Accused of Shooting Three People

Following a turmoil on the streets of Wisconsin, US teenager, Kyle Rittenhouse, has been accused of shooting three people. During the murder examination of Rittenhouse, his attorneys argued that the act was in self-defense. 18-year-old Rittenhouse is accused of murdering two men during a riot in Kenosha in August 2020. … Continue reading US Teenager, Kyle Rittenhouse, Has Been Accused of Shooting Three People

The Art of Scorigami

By: Gus Wilson On social media, fans of all National Football League (NFL) teams are prominent. People from all around the world root for the variety of the 32 teams. However, there is another aspect of the NFL that people will root for: the art of Scorigami. Obviously, after every … Continue reading The Art of Scorigami

Team Seas Campaign

Back in 2019, the popular YouTube creator, Mr. Beast created Team Trees to fundraise $20 million for 20 million trees before 2020. To no surprise, he and his fans successfully accomplished that goal, and people still donate to the cause today However, Mr. Beast is now back with former NASA … Continue reading Team Seas Campaign

Police assist an injured man near London Bridge in London, on November 29, 2019 after reports of shots being fired on London Bridge. – The Metropolitan Police on Friday said several people were injured and a man was held after a stabbing near London Bridge in the centre of the British capital. (Photo by DANIEL SORABJI / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL SORABJI/AFP via Getty Images)

Liverpool Hospital explosion declared terrorist attack

On Sunday, November 14th, an explosion from a taxi that arrived in front of the Liverpool women’s hospital exploded, causing no casualties, but significant damage to the front of the hospital complex. The explosion was caused by a passenger inside of the taxi setting off a homemade IED. Miraculously, taxi … Continue reading Liverpool Hospital explosion declared terrorist attack

Flood Watch in Florida

   By: Vivienne Wellet Storms and flood warnings have been posted all around Florida. There are flood watches in most parts of the state including Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Gainesville. According to weather forecasters, the biggest concern is regarding the gusty winds that will occur during the storms. The winds will … Continue reading Flood Watch in Florida

Biden and Xi meeting concludes with no major breakthroughs

Amidst the deteriorating relationship between Washington and Beijing, on November 15th, President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping had a virtual summit to discuss critical topics. The meeting was held virtually, with Biden joining from the White House’s Roosevelt room and Xi being in the Great Hall of the People … Continue reading Biden and Xi meeting concludes with no major breakthroughs

Key West Boat Races

By: Summer Livengood In Florida, once a year, speed boat racers come to Key West and race through an obstacle course. This year’s race was the 39th annual boat race; over 10-speed boat racers came down. Key West did have some discussion about covid restrictions, but their decisions were made … Continue reading Key West Boat Races

Comparing Causes Harm

From fruit snacks to apples to chips, elementary school lunchtime shenanigans often have kids comparing what they have to eat that day. This idea of comparing each other stays with these children as they grow. Far too many high school students compare their grades to other students, which is detrimental … Continue reading Comparing Causes Harm

What is Pangea

Pangea, also spelled Pangaea, in early geologic time, was a supercontinent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on Earth. Pangea was surrounded by a global ocean called Panthalassa, and it was fully assembled by the Early Permian Epoch. The supercontinent began to break apart about 200 million years ago, during … Continue reading What is Pangea

Flu cases spike

It’s Flu Season, the colds are coming out. Over 1,000 people in the United States have been discovered to have the flu and its symptoms. There are many forms of the Flu but the most common is the 1918 flu pandemic where this Flu wiped out over 3,000 people. Making … Continue reading Flu cases spike

Food choices

Fast food is one of the most questioned aspects of the American diet. Most kids eat it at an early age and develop the habit of eating greasy fried foods in their everyday food, but, why is this bad? Well, the ingredients in the food items are honestly almost unexplainable. … Continue reading Food choices

The Vaquita

 By: Vivienne Wellet The most endangered animal by far in 2021 is the Vaquita. The Vaquita is a porpoise species that has a lifespan of 21 years. Females get to be as big as 4.9 feet and males can get to 4.6 feet long and adults can weigh up to … Continue reading The Vaquita

Origin of the Internet

The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, the telephone, radio, and computer set the stage for this unprecedented integration of capabilities. The Internet is at once a worldwide broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information dissemination, and a medium for collaboration … Continue reading Origin of the Internet


What causes humans to yawn? Many people believe yawning is a sign of tiredness and boredom, but that theory is being proved wrong. Recent experiments on yawning by scientists have uncovered some shocking information. The first piece of information found is that it is contagious. It’s been proven when you … Continue reading Yawning


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