Uses of Journaling

Many important and well-known historical figures used journaling to record their life and scientific findings. However, journals kept by ordinary people could eventually turn out to be a true story of an awful time. Anne Frank is one such example, initially writing in her diary about mundane life, but as… Continue reading Uses of Journaling

Peace Lilies

He practically ran through the sterile hallway looking left, then right, then left once again. The large, bright, fluorescent lights illuminated the white walls and light gray tiles and hid the beige doors from his view. Every few steps he paused, desperately searching for the number five. There was a… Continue reading Peace Lilies

digitally generated video

The Color Blue

My life is like the color blue. On the outside it looks vibrant, joyous, exciting. Like riding a jetski on the ocean or flying a plane in the open air. But beneath the ocean surface or above the bright blue skies there is unknown, unclarity. I don’t know what I… Continue reading The Color Blue