Finding friendships with food

By Ella Hall and Emma Scepkova Although food provides nutrients to the body, an individual can view food with a positive outlook or, in some cases, with fear. The positive outlook isn’t an issue in this case; however, the fearful view is, especially in teenagers. An anonymous source at Key West High School (KWHS) experiences a different outlook on food daily. “When there’s a day … Continue reading Finding friendships with food

The NBA Influence on Tattoos

From getting tattoo arm sleeves to face tattoos, people are looking at what the National Basketball Association (NBA) players posts to copy them!  Herchell Carrasco, a tattoo artist of Pachuco Tattoo in California, has been giving tattoos to NBA athletes since 2012.  He has been an artist, though for the last 25 years.  He has seen a rise in not only people getting tattoos, but … Continue reading The NBA Influence on Tattoos

Styrofoam and Plastic Bags are No More by Sabian Keller and Lola Fettis

In recent months, and even years, Key West has put into motion many bans in order to keep the local environment healthy. On February 5th, 2019, Key West City Commissioners voted to ban any sunscreen that contained oxybenzone and/or octinoxate, as there was evidence to believe these chemicals are killing off coral. Lately there has been talk about banning plastic bags and straws as well. … Continue reading Styrofoam and Plastic Bags are No More by Sabian Keller and Lola Fettis