I Can’t Even Hear My Own Thoughts

One by one they slip away

Sliding down my brain 

As a droplet of water falls down a car window

Falling down



Each one is gone forever

I can’t remember it

What if it was the best idea of my entire life?

What if I could have just solved the issue of world hunger

Or found a way to world peace?

Alas, I will never know

Because it was too loud to hear my own thoughts

This fear chokes me

Its hands grasp my throat and squeeze tightly

I gasp for air

It’s too tight 

It’s too much

Too much talking 

Too much speaking

Too much noise

It’s so loud

The cacophonous sounds crashing against my eardrums

Beating their way through my skull 

Slithering their way into my brain

I close my eyes and open them again

It’s quiet. 

I’m in my room all alone 

The noises are at bay

There was nothing left to say.

Silence in my head

And tears on my cheeks

That’s where my thoughts led.

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