The Biden Administration is Giving Out N-95 Mask Out

By: Tricia Desroches

The Biden Administration had made the decision to send 400 million free N-95 masks out to the country. The masks have already been arriving at the grocery stores and pharmacies. The Department of Health and Human Services has limited 3 masks per person.

The CDC is saying the cloth masks that are very commonly worn aren’t that effective when it comes to not spreading the virus. They are saying that the best type of mask to wear now especially with the new omicron variant is an N-95 mask. 

Even though people can’t get a lifetime supply of N-95 this can help people. For example, homeless people need masks but some of them can afford them and in some places, masks are required to enter a building. Giving them a couple of masks free of charge can help. For example, free masks can prevent them from getting sick. If they get sick and need to go to the hospital they won’t have any money to pay the bills. 

This is one of the many ways the government is helping the Covid-19 crisis. Hopefully, this makes an improvement in this problem that seems to be never-ending. Also, it prevents a large number of people from getting sick. 

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