Marchiano committed to PBA lacrosse

Our Key West High School (KWHS) girl’s lacrosse star, Isabella Marchiano, committed to Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) in West Palm Beach, Florida for their lacrosse program. With the commitment to the PBA team, Marchiano also received a sum of scholarship money for her education.  As a junior at KWHS, Marchiano committed to a college earlier than the average high school athlete. Typically student-athletes commit … Continue reading Marchiano committed to PBA lacrosse

Underwater Volcano Sets Off Tsunami

By: Vivienne Wellet  An underwater volcano erupted offshore of Ohonua, which is around Australia. An underwater volcano forms when two tectonic plates collide with each other but one goes underneath the other one and after molten lava is produced in the second layer of Earth’s interior. According to officials, in Alaska, they could hear the sound of the explosion once it erupted. Many Airports, beaches, … Continue reading Underwater Volcano Sets Off Tsunami

Differences between the American and Italian school system

In the American movie industry, the stereotypes of a “regular teenage experience” are clear: going to a large high school, talking with your friends at lunch, playing sports, participating in clubs, etc. But is that accurate for other countries?  In Banfi, Italy, the primary and secondary school stages before going to high school are the same as the American education system: five years of elementary … Continue reading Differences between the American and Italian school system

The One True Democracy

All it takes is a single moment to reach nirvana. Just a single moment for an apple to fall from the sky, or influential words to be uttered could cause inspiration to strike. On January 7, Key West High School (KWHS) sophomore and junior students received the exciting opportunity to hear from award-winning author, Colum McCann, which resulted in many students feeling motivated to write.  … Continue reading The One True Democracy

Manatees Dying In Florida

By: Vivienne Wellet Manatees, also known as “Sea Cows”, are beautiful mammals that a variety of people love. However, that’s not the case for some. In 2021,over 1,000 manatees died due to boat propellers, fishing gear, habitation loss, fragmentation, cold stress, toxic red tides, and plastic. Environmental police said that this is the most manatees that have ever died than any other year.  Due to … Continue reading Manatees Dying In Florida

Snow Storm in the Mid-Atlantic of USA

By: Vivienne Wellet A severe snowstorm has recently hit the mid-Atlantic (which includes States such as Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland,Virginia, and New Jersey). Over five people died from all the snow, wind, and hail that had come down due to the storm. The snow was about 6-12 inches over these states average snowfall amounts. Drivers have been stuck in traffic on the 50-mile stretch, … Continue reading Snow Storm in the Mid-Atlantic of USA