KWHS Film Students headed to NYC

The All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF), the world’s largest high school film festival hosted in New York City (NYC), has been struck by Conch Pride from Key West High School’s (KWHS) Conch 5 Studios program.  On July 22nd, Tom Oliva, the co-founder and executive director of AAHSFF, announced the official selections for this year’s festival on Instagram live. AAHSFF will feature the winning … Continue reading KWHS Film Students headed to NYC

Hurricane Ida

By: Vivienne Wellet Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana on Sunday August 15, 2021 as a category 4 hurricane.They say it was the strongest hurricane they have had since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Katrina was a category 5 hurricane with over 1,000 deaths and over 1.5 billion dollars in damage. More than 1 million homes have not had power since the beginning of Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida … Continue reading Hurricane Ida

KWHS Tutoring Program Review

Getting help on subjects you are struggling to understand within school can be challenging. Finding an affordable tutor, or even someone who can understand your assignments is a dispute, but not with the Key West High School (KWHS) Tutoring Program.  Jonibek Muhsinov and Gabrielle Pariag, the leaders of the KWHS Tutoring Program, created this organization to put their skills and mentoring experience to good use. … Continue reading KWHS Tutoring Program Review

The Invasive Species Known As Lionfish

by: Summer Livengood The definition of invasive species; “An animal that tends to spread prolifically and undesirable or harmful.” Lionfish are a perfect example of an invasive species. These beautiful creatures are predators to smaller fish. With their beautiful spikes and colors,  you must be extremely careful when handling lionfish because the spikes are highly venomous and being poked by them can cause extreme discomfort. … Continue reading The Invasive Species Known As Lionfish

2021-2022 KWHS New Staff

Bronte Walsh: KWHS Prevention Counselor By Gabriella Ramsingh New to our Key West High School (KWHS) staff, Bronte Walsh, the new prevention counselor here at KWHS. Walsh works with students one-on-one and provides them support. Mental health has always been something she takes seriously and hopes that she can bring a new awareness for mental health at KWHS and in this community.  For the past … Continue reading 2021-2022 KWHS New Staff

Dr. Schmiegel Leading KWHS Strong for his First Year

By Summer Livengood and Vivienne Wellet  Dr. Larry Schmiegel is our new principal for Key West High School. Principal Schmiegel has already made great improvements and plans on making more great decisions to make the school a better educational place. When we asked, what’s the difference between Key West High and his school before, he said “ It is a bigger job, working with high … Continue reading Dr. Schmiegel Leading KWHS Strong for his First Year