By: Vivienne Wellet   Pollution is an everyday problem in the world. There are many different types of pollution, for example, air pollution is caused by vehicles, fuel oils, and other natural gasses, plastic pollution which is causing many different problems like killing species.    Thermal pollution is caused by industries and power plants.Thermal pollution is heated liquid discharged from factories and into natural waters at a … Continue reading Pollution

Harper going to high school track & field nationals

On May 12th at the University of Florida (UF), Jenkavia Harper, a senior at Key West High School (KWHS), achieved third in the 2A Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) track & field championships for girls javelin, an event where female participants run and throw an eight-foot spear as far as they can.  “I was grateful because I knew it was all gods doing,” explained … Continue reading Harper going to high school track & field nationals

Its getting hot in Florida

By: Summer Livengood It’s almost summer, and in the summer Florida gets hot. Temperatures are rising, already growing to an average 90 degrees and some days hotter. In the past couple years the temperature has been rising. These days global warming is an issue. What is global warming you may ask, it happens from greenhouse gasses. Our greenhouse gasses have affected our ecosystem and have … Continue reading Its getting hot in Florida

Siddharth Singh Sets Off For Brown!

Every day, people make decisions: who to text, what to wear, where to eat. Many of these choices are somewhat unimportant and meaningless. However, there comes a time in a student’s life where they must make one of the greatest decisions they may face; where, or if, they will attend college. The seniors of Key West High School (KWHS) have finally reached this final decision … Continue reading Siddharth Singh Sets Off For Brown!

2022 KWHS Senior Superlatives

Best All-Around: Robert Malcom and Rosa Nafrere By Emily Bracher  As one of the highest honors Key West High School (KWHS) can bestow, the Best All-Around superlative calls for the best of the best. This year, for the 2022 school year, the well-deserved recipients were Rosa Nafrere and Robert Malcom. Throughout her high school career, Rosa Nafrere has been more than involved in multiple extracurricular … Continue reading 2022 KWHS Senior Superlatives