Importance of Exploration

Much of what we know today would have never been found without exploration. Many countries, ecosystems, and animals surfaced because of investigation. People have explored the land, the deep sea, and have even started exploring space. Even animals have used exploration. Land exploration revealed different cultures and religions to people, along with helping to spread them. It also opened up better trading routes for people … Continue reading Importance of Exploration

Military Influence

The military influences everything in America, they influence our safety for one.  Without the military protecting our freedom constantly, we wouldn’t have it.  So before this article continues any further, I would like for everyone reading to take a moment and appreciate the men and women who have sacrificed everything for our country.   Let’s use our very own Key West High School (KWHS) as an … Continue reading Military Influence

Manipulation: Is it necessary and how do you deal with it?

Manipulation: gaslighting, gatekeeping, girl bossing. Sorry I couldn’t help myself with that definition. Let’s try this again.  Manipulation: the act of manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way (Oxford Languages). Hold on let me bring this definition down to simpler terms: “It’s a botched up method for people to get what they want.”  “If they are a little too charismatic [with their words or … Continue reading Manipulation: Is it necessary and how do you deal with it?

What’s It like to Graduate High School

Graduation represents the culmination of a journey and the attainment of a goal. It is an exciting period in a person’s life and an array of feelings will surface for the graduate. Most people think of graduation as an exciting and wonderful marketing event, many fail to recognize the other emotions evoked by this transition time. Graduation not only can bring up feelings of excitement, … Continue reading What’s It like to Graduate High School

The Killer Cone Snail Saves the Day

The Cone Snail is a sea species of snail which is also commonly referred to by the name ‘The Killer Cone Snail’. The Cone Snails live in the pacific ocean, The Indian ocean, the Caribbean sea, the red sea, and along Florida’s coast. There are 600 species of Cone Snail and only two of them are known to be able to kill humans. The Cone … Continue reading The Killer Cone Snail Saves the Day