Importance of Exploration

Much of what we know today would have never been found without exploration. Many countries, ecosystems, and animals surfaced because of investigation. People have explored the land, the deep sea, and have even started exploring space. Even animals have used exploration.

Land exploration revealed different cultures and religions to people, along with helping to spread them. It also opened up better trading routes for people to use different materials for clothes and promote the development of technology. Without the exploration of land, many of the countries and states we know today would not be what they are. Land exploration has existed since the start of civilization. Whether it’s being driven by pure curiosity or the ‘need’ to expand a nation, humans have explored the world for generations. 

Deep sea exploration has led to the discovery of many species of fish, algae, and deep sea tubules such as tube worms. Exploring the sea has not only satisfied some curiosity about it but also improved our knowledge and understanding of the ecosystems. By understanding ocean ecosystems better, we gain knowledge about the resources it possess, and how to best utilize and manage them. Exploration of the sea also keeps us informed of marine dangers. Humans have not explored the entirety of the sea, the deepest parts are still a mystery, so research and exploration will continue to thrive.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) researches and explores outer space. Starting its research in 1958, NASA is one of the most well-known government organizations. Although the exploration of space is not new, it is far from over. According to NASA, the investigation of the cosmos helps us understand our place in the universe. Space exploration has even helped us form peaceful connections with foreign powers, expand technology, and create new industries. 

Civilization has been made what it is today in large part because of exploration. Without exploration, many of today’s countries could be vastly different. Exploration has also helped advance technology, meaning more and more can be created and explored. This could also lead to new jobs being available, giving people new experiences. Exploration of a commonplace, like the sea and space, also leads to peaceful connections with other countries. 




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