Driving in Key West

One of the biggest accomplishments in almost anyone’s life is getting their driver’s license. Despite feeling great, there are also some feelings of maturity and nervousness. When I first started driving, all of those feelings bubbled up to the surface, along with excitement. The nervousness aspect, however, tends to vary depending on where I am, especially if it’s busy. 

Having had my license for just over a week now, I am starting to feel more confident and comfortable with the road. However, I have yet to go on North or South Roosevelt Boulevard (Blvd) by myself. Additionally, until Monday, February 20, 2023, I have not gone on Flagler Avenue (Ave) by myself. I have been on it numerous times with at least one of my parents, however, that Monday when I was going home from a Mock Trial meeting at Key West High School, I had to take Flagler ave. since the route I normally take was blocked off. Although, it was not as bad as I expected it to be, even though it was only for a few blocks. 

If you are not comfortable with driving on the main roads such as North and South Roosevelt, Flagler, or even White Street (St.), there are many back roads that end at the same destinations as the main roads would. If you are on United St., you could get to Clarence S. Higgs Memorial Beach (Higgs Beach), by just back roads, by continuing on United St, then turning left onto Reynolds St., which will then take you down to Higgs Beach, with a stop light about halfway. 

In any city, but specifically, the Florida Keys, driving downtown and especially on Duval Street, is definitely an experience to never forget. Since the streets are significantly smaller, and there are more people in a smaller area, along with numerous cars, buses, vans, scooters, and pedestrians. On the upside, the downtown area is less busy and more peaceful in the mornings when most people are either still sleeping or having an excellent breakfast at one of the many great restaurants. However, once the day gets past about 12 pm, the whole town is busier and more crowded. A sophomore at Key West High School, Amelia Morffi, says that driving in Key West is good, although there are some people, especially pedestrians on Duval, who cross the street without looking both ways. 

Although the driving situations in the Florida Keys and Key West seem like they are not the best, they are still better than other places. After all, a quick drive around the backroads or to the beach will calm down any of my nerves anytime. 

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