KWHS 2021 Senior Superlative Winners

Every year, Key West High School (KWHS) seniors prepare to move on to the next step of their lives with many activities. One of the most traditional of these activities is the Senior Superlatives. The class of 2021 voted for who they believed deserved the most recognition. “Best All Around”  By Emily Bracher One of the biggest achievements in high school is to receive the … Continue reading KWHS 2021 Senior Superlative Winners

KWHS Backyard Grand Opening

On April 27th, the conclusion of the infamous Key West High School (KWHS) backyard, an array of sports facilities in the back of the school, was finally recognized for its monumental upgrade from the original facility made in 2004. Christina McPherson, the principal of KWHS, hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new backyard along with Nicolas Gonzalez, the KWHS Student Council president.  Although the … Continue reading KWHS Backyard Grand Opening

2021 Junior/Senior Luau

On April 16th, Key West High School (KWHS) hosted their annual event, the Junior/Senior Luau at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater. However, this year the event came with a twist, COVID-19 style. Teachers and parents were present to supervise and ensure that the students were socially distant and keeping their masks on. Those limitations made it difficult to reach the fun of past years’ luaus. Still, … Continue reading 2021 Junior/Senior Luau

KWHS Students’ Perspectives: Body Image Stories

Body image: insecurity relating to how you portray your body that is widespread among individuals of all genders. It is challenging to love your body image when you continuously compare what the “ideal” body looks like, whether it is through social media, such as following Instagram models or comparing yourself to your peers. “Seeing all the Instagram models online affects me and how I see … Continue reading KWHS Students’ Perspectives: Body Image Stories

Feeding the Key West chickens may lead to heavy fines

(Featured image provided by Key West is famous for many things including its beaches, Duval Street, and the fact that it’s the southernmost point of the continental United States. Another thing that makes the island well-known are the hundreds of feral chickens roaming around every corner of the city.           Many people like to feed the already plump birds, even to the extent where some … Continue reading Feeding the Key West chickens may lead to heavy fines

COVID-19 Can’t Affect Conch Pride

On October 16th, the Key West Conchs had their first football home game against Dade Christian at the Tommy Roberts Memorial Stadium. This was considered one of the biggest high school events in South Florida during COVID-19. The Friday night was just like a regular high school football game, but incorporating the social distancing factor. Even though it was the Conch’s first home game, we … Continue reading COVID-19 Can’t Affect Conch Pride

The Hidden Risk in Feeding Key West’s Chickens

If you’ve been around Key West you probably know how the local chickens can basically be found everywhere. They’ve been here since the 1800’s when they were first brought over for food and for cock fighting. Chances are that you’ve also seen signs to not feed the chickens. Sure, giving them free food seems innocent at first with no hidden risk to it whatsoever. Well, … Continue reading The Hidden Risk in Feeding Key West’s Chickens

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Teri Johnston Wins 2020 Election

After a tough couple of months of campaigning, Teri Johnston has come out of this mayoral election with her second win, making her the first woman in Key West re-elected for a second term as mayor. Under the events of COVID-19, her campaigning was unsurprisingly different this time around, but still extremely effective.   “We successfully implemented a fully-online yard sign program that let our team … Continue reading Teri Johnston Wins 2020 Election