The One True Democracy

All it takes is a single moment to reach nirvana. Just a single moment for an apple to fall from the sky, or influential words to be uttered could cause inspiration to strike. On January 7, Key West High School (KWHS) sophomore and junior students received the exciting opportunity to hear from award-winning author, Colum McCann, which resulted in many students feeling motivated to write.  … Continue reading The One True Democracy

Manatees Dying In Florida

By: Vivienne Wellet Manatees, also known as “Sea Cows”, are beautiful mammals that a variety of people love. However, that’s not the case for some. In 2021,over 1,000 manatees died due to boat propellers, fishing gear, habitation loss, fragmentation, cold stress, toxic red tides, and plastic. Environmental police said that this is the most manatees that have ever died than any other year.  Due to … Continue reading Manatees Dying In Florida

Learning Languages Broadens Horizons

People hope, wish and pray for a simple, quick fix to further their career and improve their social skills. Although it may not seem quick or simple, a solution is out there!  Knowing multiple languages has numerous benefits. Rafael Augusto Centeno Oquendo, a student at the College of the Florida Keys (CFK), speaks a variety of languages and preaches the positive impact knowing multiple languages … Continue reading Learning Languages Broadens Horizons

Dolphin Tale Dolphin Dies

When the hit marine mammal movie, Dolphin Tale, came out in 2011, it created the main dolphin a star.  Winter was found tangled in a net on a beach when they rescued her, which later caused her to lose her tail. After months of trying new products and figuring out possibilities, the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida had a prosthetic tail made for Winter. Unfortunately, on … Continue reading Dolphin Tale Dolphin Dies

The Coachella of Writing

Every April, music lovers from all over gather in California to attend Coachella, which is one of the largest music festivals in the world. However, not everyone finds the blaring music and sweaty scene as their “thing”. The Coachella equivalent for writers across the nation is the Key West Literary Seminar (KWHS), which takes place right here in Key West. This seminar occurs annually and … Continue reading The Coachella of Writing

Reaching The Next Peak

In not even 250 years, America has passed every test that has come its way with flying colors. From the surprising victory in the Revolutionary War against Britain to the Civil War that pitted brother versus brother on the battlefield to the tensions the Cold War brought, America has overcome. Dominating in the global economy, leading in technological advancements, and being the cultural epicenter of … Continue reading Reaching The Next Peak