Nautilus Space Telescope

Exploration is a big part of human nature and life. Early human life traveled and explored much of the Earth’s land masses. Humans today are still exploring the deepest unknown parts of the ocean. However, humans always look for the next big thing, and space is full of infinite discoveries.  With exploration comes the need for innovation. The most complicated telescope ever built used a … Continue reading Nautilus Space Telescope

Does she have the right?

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence promised all men “certain unalienable rights”, which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This promise was made by men for men and excluded women. For almost a century and a half, women were denied suffrage. In 1920, women finally earned their right to vote; however, decisions for women continue to be made.  Although many areas in the … Continue reading Does she have the right?

Florida Keys Water Pipe Bursts

On the night of Saturday, March 11, the main water pipe transporting water from the mainland to the Florida Keys burst, causing many residents to lose water pressure and a block in traffic on Overseas Highway around mile marker(MM) 80. On Sunday, March, 12, the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) stated that residents would slowly start to get normal levels of water pressure throughout the … Continue reading Florida Keys Water Pipe Bursts

Stay on track!

There are only twenty-four hours in a day. On average, Americans spend seven of those hours sleeping, which leaves seventeen left. Learning to manage those seventeen hours seems to be pretty difficult for the average person, especially in this age of social media and entertainment.  According to the American Psychological, 80 to 90 percent of college-age students procrastinate. Scientists attribute anxiety or a fear of … Continue reading Stay on track!

Magic of Music

Music is the arrangement of sounds that create and combine form, harmony, melody, and rhythm. Creating music allows creativity and self-expression to prosper, but listening to music also has benefits. The sweet sounds of Mozart, Beethoven, or even Lil Uzi Vert could help preserve brain function in people one day.  A recent study by Harvard Medical School proposed the question: does music improve mental health … Continue reading Magic of Music

Editorial: Housing Prices, designed to drive out the Local and give the Tourist a parking space

Key West, Florida, is one of the most expensive places to live in Florida, with the average price of a house in Key West being $706,601, according to news channel 8 and Tourism is the city’s main industry and is a huge income source for the local residents. However, many locals today are being driven out by high property prices and the lack of … Continue reading Editorial: Housing Prices, designed to drive out the Local and give the Tourist a parking space

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis takes control of Disney’s district

(Featured photo provided by Wilfredo Lee/Copyright 2023 The AP) Just this Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that would bring control of Disney’s self-governing district under the control of the state. The Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) had been under Disney’s control ever since 1967 when the Reedy Creek Improvement Act was passed. The act was pushed for by Walt Disney himself after … Continue reading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis takes control of Disney’s district

Importance of Exploration

Much of what we know today would have never been found without exploration. Many countries, ecosystems, and animals surfaced because of investigation. People have explored the land, the deep sea, and have even started exploring space. Even animals have used exploration. Land exploration revealed different cultures and religions to people, along with helping to spread them. It also opened up better trading routes for people … Continue reading Importance of Exploration