Gas vs. Electric Cars

Innovations in technology can lead to impressive achievements, much like the advancement of electric cars. However, it’s good to compare the benefits and disadvantages of all your options. With all the controversy surrounding electric and gas-powered vehicles, let’s compare the two. One of the biggest concerns with gas cars is their large carbon footprint and pollution, especially when compared to an electric car. The exhaust … Continue reading Gas vs. Electric Cars

Testing Fatigue

With the school year ending, testing season, for most teenagers, begins. The Florida Mandated End of Course (EOC) and Advanced Placement exams (AP) start this week, and Key West High School (KWHS) finals week is steadily approaching. During this final stretch, teens can get extremely worn out and stressed from studying, testing, assignments, and any extracurricular activities that are still going on.  Most classes are … Continue reading Testing Fatigue

Kenny Rogers After-Death Album Release

Kenny Rogers was an American singer, songwriter, and actor until his death in March of 2020. He was well known for his country songs and was even inducted into the country music Hall of Fame in 2013. Despite Rogers’ career starting in the late 1950s, he didn’t begin solo stardom until 1974 when Kenny Rogers and The First Edition broke up. Country-pop music peaked during … Continue reading Kenny Rogers After-Death Album Release

Uses of Journaling

Many important and well-known historical figures used journaling to record their life and scientific findings. However, journals kept by ordinary people could eventually turn out to be a true story of an awful time. Anne Frank is one such example, initially writing in her diary about mundane life, but as Nazi Germany took over her home, it became the story of her life in hiding. … Continue reading Uses of Journaling

Dino Discovery Declares They Had Lips

The media has displayed things of the past many times, whether in a realistic way or purely fictitious for entertainment. Dinosaurs are the most common look into the past, and producers usually try to make the dinosaurs as accurate as possible. The Jurassic Park franchise is an excellent example of this.   Media has typically shown the dinosaur with teeth that are not covered when its … Continue reading Dino Discovery Declares They Had Lips

Renner Recovery

On New Year’s, 2023, Jeremey Renner was involved in a terrible snow plow accident in Nevada. The incident left Renner with over 30 broken bones, which resulted in him  being airlifted to a hospital in Reno, Nevada. The actor suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries, leading to him recieving multiple surgeries.  The accident occurred near Renner’s home at Lake Tahoe. He was helping a … Continue reading Renner Recovery

Nautilus Space Telescope

Exploration is a big part of human nature and life. Early human life traveled and explored much of the Earth’s land masses. Humans today are still exploring the deepest unknown parts of the ocean. However, humans always look for the next big thing, and space is full of infinite discoveries.  With exploration comes the need for innovation. The most complicated telescope ever built used a … Continue reading Nautilus Space Telescope

Spalling Prevention on Electric Poles

The majority of the world uses electric poles. Although most electric poles are on land, a few are in the ocean. The Florida Keys is a prime example of this. The islands need power, and in order for that power to make its way throughout the keys, electric poles must be placed in the ocean. Electric poles placed in the water experience spalling at a … Continue reading Spalling Prevention on Electric Poles

Pros & Cons of Video Games

Debates about video games have been common and have only grown as more game innovations have been introduced. Many people, especially older generations, worry about the detrimental effects video games have on today’s youth. Despite the cons of video games, there are benefits of playing them that many people overlook. It is important to know the determinants of gaming, even if the benefits outweigh them. … Continue reading Pros & Cons of Video Games