Tips For Starting A New School

Going to a new school is scary, whether you’re moving to college or from middle school to high school. No matter the reason for starting a new school, it can be intimidating,but being prepared can help relieve some of the stress it brings. There are many things one can do to prepare for starting a new school, so here are some tips to help new students out. 

Doing research about the school one will be attending is important. Knowing what classes are offered, along with an overview of what content will be covered, can help you feel more prepared. A good way to find out what classes are available is to take a look at the curriculum guide, or to get in touch with the school’s counselor. It is also important to note how difficult classes are, which is another place a counselor would come in handy. It is important to know how difficult and easy classes are because it could be more beneficial to take Honors Classes; though in order for it to actually become beneficial, one has to be able to pass the class, and applying one’s knowledge of what they can handle, to how hard the class is, can help one decide if they should enroll in a Honors class or not. 

Another big stress factor is not being familiar with anyone at the new school. Making friends can be awkward, but it’s necessary to have friends. A good way to make friends is to be involved in the school. Finding clubs, sports, and extracurriculars to enjoy will often lead to finding friends with similar interests. However, don’t be afraid to try new clubs that look interesting. A good way to figure out what clubs a school offers is to (once again) get in contact with the counselor, or look at the schools website. Posters will often be posted around the school as well. 

Becoming familiar with the school, and even the town, if it’s new to you, can be a great help. For example, finding the path you might take to and from school can help one be more relaxed because it is one less thing for them to be worried about. Setting up a tour of the school, to become more familiar with the school, is also a good idea-and also understanding room numbering can be very beneficial. This allows one to be able to find any room on their own, though it may take awhile. 

There are many things that can help relieve the stresses of moving schools. Though research is a big help, having friends is necessary, and involvement in the school helps one make friends. Becoming familiar with one’s surroundings is also very important. No matter where one is going, and how excited they are, there is always some sort of stress factor, but these are some ways one can help their stress levels.

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