Renner Recovery

On New Year’s, 2023, Jeremey Renner was involved in a terrible snow plow accident in Nevada. The incident left Renner with over 30 broken bones, which resulted in him  being airlifted to a hospital in Reno, Nevada. The actor suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries, leading to him recieving multiple surgeries. 

The accident occurred near Renner’s home at Lake Tahoe. He was helping a family who had been snowed in. He had freed a car from the snow and exited his snow plow to talk with a family member. While out of the vehicle, the plow started rolling. Renner had attempted to jump into the moving vehicle but was run over by the 14,000-pound plow instead. He is also credited and praised for saving his nephew from being hit by the snowplow before it ran him over. 

Renner has kept his fanbase up to date about his recovery process. One of his major updates was given on February 27. The post on his Instagram story showed one of his legs pedaling a fitness machine. He has recently posted a video of him doing physical therapy training. The clip he posted displayed himself walking on a high-tech treadmill. The treadmill took 60% of his weight off of his legs. This allowed the star to have almost total mobility in his legs. The actor even praised the technology. He was heard talking to a man during the video, and explained the device was like “having a cane”. 

The actor has been informing his fanbase about more than just his recovery. He posted about the return of his snow plow as well. The plow had been taken for investigation as to why it rolled by the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department. In an Instagram story Renner posted, he said that “She’s finally making her way home!” 

Renner has also been updating the fanbase about his upcoming series on Disney+. The show Rennervations will feature Jeremey Renner and his friend Rory Milikin, traveling the world renovating all kinds of vehicles. The two will refurbish the old vehicles they find and find new ways to reuse them. The show will be released on Disney+ on April 10th, 2023. 



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