The Voice Actor Debate

By: Thomas Horvath

In the career path of entertainment, you have a chance to make it to the top or stay near the bottom like most that attempt. The most popular job in the field is acting, as most think it would be an easy job that would make you famous. While this works for some, the chances of getting your big break are actually very low. But when you do make it, your paychecks can be bigger than what most people will see in their entire lives. Some actors like Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise are paid at least $20 million a movie, sometimes making even more. These actors are usually cast by studios to get people into seats in the theaters since these actors are household names. These include animated movies as well, which have gotten some controversy over celebrity hirings. 

Many argue that voice actors are already underpaid, and giving big celebrities jobs that should belong to voice actors who are more familiar with the field might be a bit unfair. Voice actors are drastically underpaid compared to the average actor, with voice actors that have voiced famous characters, like Goku, who is voiced by Sean Schemmel, making less money a year than an action movie star can make from one movie. There are of course exceptions to this. The main cast of The Simpsons has a combined net worth of at least $80 million, but that was built up over the course of 30+ years. The opposers argue as well that these voices are as iconic as the character, and without the voice, characters like Homer Simpson, Pikachu, and Mario would be not nearly as well-known. On the topic of Mario, this whole debate really exploded when Chris Pratt was cast as Mario in the new animated movie, replacing Charles Martinet, the long-time voice actor for the character. Others were just upset that his voice sounded nothing like what they imagined the voice should sound like. 

There is no right opinion on the subject, and everyone will likely garner their own opinion on the topic.

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