Nautilus Space Telescope

Exploration is a big part of human nature and life. Early human life traveled and explored much of the Earth’s land masses. Humans today are still exploring the deepest unknown parts of the ocean. However, humans always look for the next big thing, and space is full of infinite discoveries.  With exploration comes the need for innovation. The most complicated telescope ever built used a … Continue reading Nautilus Space Telescope

Homeless children need our help!

As a child, there are a lot of things that are unknown, like how the universe is so big or how to spell ridiculously long words like “incomprehensible”. It’s normal for kids to be curious about the world around them, but children should never have to wonder about where their next meal will come from or where they’re going to sleep that night. Homeless children … Continue reading Homeless children need our help!

Everything Everywhere All At Once

The 9th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, took place on Sunday, March 11th, 2023. This year, the star of the show was Everything Everywhere All At Once. The film took seven Oscars including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Editing. So, let’s discuss what led to this outstanding success.  According to the … Continue reading Everything Everywhere All At Once

Does she have the right?

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence promised all men “certain unalienable rights”, which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This promise was made by men for men and excluded women. For almost a century and a half, women were denied suffrage. In 1920, women finally earned their right to vote; however, decisions for women continue to be made.  Although many areas in the … Continue reading Does she have the right?

Florida Keys Water Pipe Bursts

On the night of Saturday, March 11, the main water pipe transporting water from the mainland to the Florida Keys burst, causing many residents to lose water pressure and a block in traffic on Overseas Highway around mile marker(MM) 80. On Sunday, March, 12, the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) stated that residents would slowly start to get normal levels of water pressure throughout the … Continue reading Florida Keys Water Pipe Bursts

U.K to increase Defense Spending ahead of AUKUS Deal

(Featured Image provided by Stefan Rousseau/Pool Photo via AP) United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Rishi Runak released a statement on Sunday that the UK will look towards expanding its military defense spending. Rishi stated that the budget increase by about £5 billion ($6 billion) is in response to the “epoch-defining” challenge presented by China and Russia’s war in Ukraine. Last year, the U.K. released the … Continue reading U.K to increase Defense Spending ahead of AUKUS Deal

Analysis of the Interstate Highway Act

America used to be globally renowned for its usage of trains as a way of shipping, transporting goods, and public transportation. But in the last 60 years, America has become a global laughing stock for public transportation-specifically for their trains and for the long-term effects of the Interstate Highway Act (IHA). The IHA is the reason that America today has a comprehensive private transportation system … Continue reading Analysis of the Interstate Highway Act

Spalling Prevention on Electric Poles

The majority of the world uses electric poles. Although most electric poles are on land, a few are in the ocean. The Florida Keys is a prime example of this. The islands need power, and in order for that power to make its way throughout the keys, electric poles must be placed in the ocean. Electric poles placed in the water experience spalling at a … Continue reading Spalling Prevention on Electric Poles

Protests erupt in Georgia over foreign agents bill

(Photo provided by Zurab Tsertsvadze / Associated Press) Recently, the Parliament of the Republic of Georgia just passed the first reading of a draft law regarding “foreign agents.” Under this new law, any organization receiving more than 20% of its funding from external, non-state sources would need to register as a “foreign agent”, unless they want to face heavy fines from the government. On the … Continue reading Protests erupt in Georgia over foreign agents bill


During the Age of Enlightenment, English philosopher John Locke first thought of the idea of the social contract. Jean-Jaques Rousseau further developed and established this ideology. This theory argues that people need a form of government to protect certain unalienable freedoms and rights people receive at birth. However, in exchange, people must give up some of their rights in order to secure the protection of … Continue reading Revolution.