Azov Battalion surrenders in Mariupol

Recently, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that the besieged city of Mariupol, specifically the Azov Battalion inside of the bunkers under the Azovstal Steel Plant, surrendered to Russian forces, and evacuated the nuclear bunkers underneath the Azovstal plant. Ukrainian forces had been trapped inside of the city for almost 2 months after it was surrounded near the start of the Russian … Continue reading Azov Battalion surrenders in Mariupol

The Unpredictable Quality of 2021-22 Movies and TV

The 2021-2022 school year has seen many new movie and TV releases. Many of these releases has meant something more to the world than it seems on the outside; from the birth of a career to the changing of someone’s very personality to the hopefulness of the entire world. Many more of these movies and shows were extremely disappointing to audiences everywhere. Follow along as … Continue reading The Unpredictable Quality of 2021-22 Movies and TV

ATF Busts major gun smuggling ring in Philadelphia

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) recently seized over 400 firearms from an apartment in Philadelphia after a two-year investigation, revealing a large gun-smuggling ring operating out of the city. ATF officials stated that they had been investigating the case since 2020, and had been tracking illegal firearms back to the sellers via “Straw Purchases”. “Straw Purchases” are when a person legally … Continue reading ATF Busts major gun smuggling ring in Philadelphia

Saudi Arabia Conducts Mass Execution of 81 Men

Recently, in the country of Saudi Arabia in Southwest Asia, 81 Men were beheaded in a mass execution on March 12th. Most of the men were charged with Terrorism-Related Offences for participating in pro-Shiite Muslim protests in the country during 2011 and 2012. The protesters asked for greater political participation from the Saudi Government, however, most were denied and almost immediately arrested by both Islamic … Continue reading Saudi Arabia Conducts Mass Execution of 81 Men

Opportunities Beyond The Norm

Most teenagers decide to jump straight into college after high school without a second thought. According to the United States (US) Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 66.2% of high school graduates immediately enroll into a college or university. However, other options fly past students without them even knowing.  One unique opportunity often not thought of by the average high school student is applying to a … Continue reading Opportunities Beyond The Norm

Stop Stressing, Relax!

Stress gradually wears on people like a parasite slowly takes over its host. Though it takes time for the damage to be done, it oftentimes is detrimental. Modern life has many stressors, especially for the students of Key West High School.  Attempting to juggle success in school with sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, with work is difficult. A senior at KWHS, Sadie Dodds shared, “I feel … Continue reading Stop Stressing, Relax!

Durham 2016 Probe grows in size and scale

John Durham’s probe into the 2016 election under the FBI (in which suspicions of Russian involvement to rig the results were not found) has recently continued to expand in size and scale and become active once more after the divisive 2021 election of current United States (U.S) President Joe Biden. Democratic supporters and party officials made several claims after their 2016 loss to the Republican … Continue reading Durham 2016 Probe grows in size and scale