The Largest Global Shoe Brands

Today, many people struggle to think of a company which they get most of their shoes from. Shoes are an important part of someone’s outfit and are becoming more of a necessity for people as they age, especially if they start working, for instance, in construction or a desk job in a nice office. Many different types of shoes exist – dress, sports, heels, boots, … Continue reading The Largest Global Shoe Brands

Top 4 Foods for a Healthy Diet

(Featured Photo provided by Marilyn Barbone, We all want to live a long and healthy life, however, with the sorts of food we eat every day, it might be hard to achieve that goal now. Often, meals from fast-food restaurants and on grocery store shelves are high in calories and salt, which contains sodium. Sodium consumed in high amounts can lead to higher blood … Continue reading Top 4 Foods for a Healthy Diet

How You Can Become a Great Student

By: Sophia Powell  Being a good student doesn’t just consist of getting good grades and showing up to school. To be a good student you have to have self-discipline, be diligent, and be confident. Most people think that school is very hard/challenging but in reality, it isn’t as hard as most people think. From what I have learned, as long as you just do the … Continue reading How You Can Become a Great Student

Top Five Best Athletic Wear

By: Vivienne Wellet Exercising has been a big impact on everyone’s lifestyle in 2022 ;, but what do we wear while practicing the act of exercise?Athletic clothes are super comfy to wear and can allow you to see the progress of muscle form. Here are the top five of the best athletic clothes you could wear.  Lululemon- Among women, most buy from  Lululemon, which was … Continue reading Top Five Best Athletic Wear

Finding friendships with food

By Ella Hall and Emma Scepkova Although food provides nutrients to the body, an individual can view food with a positive outlook or, in some cases, with fear. The positive outlook isn’t an issue in this case; however, the fearful view is, especially in teenagers. An anonymous source at Key West High School (KWHS) experiences a different outlook on food daily. “When there’s a day … Continue reading Finding friendships with food

Does Social Media Help or Hurt Mental Health?

By: Sophia Powell Did you know, as of 2020 over 90% of children ages 13-17 use some form of social media on a daily basis? More than half of kids 10-12 don’t have any kind of social media. Social media includes sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.. Even though not all social media sites are meant to be used by teens, most … Continue reading Does Social Media Help or Hurt Mental Health?

          Benefits of Eating Sushi 

              By: Sophia Powell          There are many different kinds of foods that people eat to benefit their health, one of them being sushi. Sushi is a popular Japanese dish that contains small rolls of cooked rice with raw fish, vegetables, or eggs. Sushi is loved around the world by about 62% of Americans. Not only is sushi popular and delicious, but it is also very healthy … Continue reading           Benefits of Eating Sushi 

Top 5 Most Useful Skills to Learn in Life

By: Sophia Powell There are billions of people that live on Earth. Children are born every hour, as more and more people come into this world the more our opportunities start to run out since there are others that could take your place. So you should consider broadening your skillset. There are so many different skills that you could try but it only takes about … Continue reading Top 5 Most Useful Skills to Learn in Life

The NBA Influence on Tattoos

From getting tattoo arm sleeves to face tattoos, people are looking at what the National Basketball Association (NBA) players posts to copy them!  Herchell Carrasco, a tattoo artist of Pachuco Tattoo in California, has been giving tattoos to NBA athletes since 2012.  He has been an artist, though for the last 25 years.  He has seen a rise in not only people getting tattoos, but … Continue reading The NBA Influence on Tattoos