Taylor Swift Takes Billboard Top 10

On October 21, 2022, Taylor Swift’s most recent album, Midnights, was released. When it got put out, it was the talk of the music industry.  Ten songs from her album carried all the top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. The three that did not make the top 10 still got in the top 100.  During her career, Taylor Swift has made 17 albums, … Continue reading Taylor Swift Takes Billboard Top 10

Performance Boat Center Comes To KWHS

Performance Boat Center has been one of the best boats in the Super Stock class for the past few years. Racking up multiple wins and being in the national championship hunt every season since their switch from the Super Cat class, only a few years ago. This year they have shown that same strength racking up a win in St. Clair and continuing to be … Continue reading Performance Boat Center Comes To KWHS

Russia abandons Kherson city, Ukraine Skeptical

Recently in Ukraine, the Russian government and armed forces announced that they would be withdrawing their armed forces to the East bank of the Dnipro river. Russian General Sergei Surovikin, who announced the withdrawal, cited multiple reasons for the withdrawal, including a worsening supply situation on the West bank of the Dnipro river, where Kherson is located. Kherson remains the only regional capital of a … Continue reading Russia abandons Kherson city, Ukraine Skeptical

Philippine Prison Chief charged for murder of a journalist

(Featured photo provided by Dante Diosina Jr. / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Recently, police in the Philippines have accused the country’s Chief of Prisons, Gerald Bantag (and his associates) of being responsible for the death of a journalist last month. Percival Mabasa, a 63-year-old journalist who also went by the name Percy Lapid, was shot dead in a suburb in the nation’s capital of … Continue reading Philippine Prison Chief charged for murder of a journalist

This Week In History

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana).  Without history, we cannot grow from our mistakes, leaving us to follow the same path others have already been down. Although this week is average, and just another boring week for most, many significant things have happened in the history of the world.   October 31 Although Halloween overshadows most other events, … Continue reading This Week In History

Pep in your step!

Spirit practically oozed out into the halls of Key West High School (KWHS) this past week. KWHS’s Student Council created various events to generate excitement for the homecoming football game and dance. It seems that the students are extremely hyped this year.  This Spirit Week added some new themed days to the traditions the students have gotten used to. The classic Toga day had the … Continue reading Pep in your step!

Understanding the impossible

A black void speckled with sparkling balls of fire and a tiny blue and green rock floating among them. This rock is filled with billions of creatures called humans. These humans use their senses to comprehend the other living things around them and the environment they have been placed in. They look up to the skies and try to explain the unexplainable.  Space has fascinated … Continue reading Understanding the impossible

Top three Christmas traditions

November is the season of fall, warm autumn colors, and celebrating Thanksgiving, an American holiday that celebrates the joining of Native Americans and Pilgrims through a feast. But personally, I move on to Christmas in November. I want to celebrate the cool tones, the presents under the decorated evergreen trees, the fat man who brings coal to naughty kids, etc. So to celebrate this extravagant … Continue reading Top three Christmas traditions

Xfinity 500 Race Review

          The Xfinity 500 at Martinsville Speedway had some amazing moments in it.  However, the last lap might have had the greatest moment in NASCAR history happen. But before we get to that, let’s remember the race itself.          The race started out with Denny Hamlin winning both stages before the first real incident-caused caution to happen, with Ross Chastain driving in the corner too deep and … Continue reading Xfinity 500 Race Review