Puerto Rico Zoo’s

Following years of alleged carelessness, a lack of funding, and animal fatalities that activists highlighted, Puerto Rico is closing the U.S. territory’s sole zoo. Since hurricanes Irma and Maria tore across the island in September 2017, the Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo in the western coastal town of Mayaguez has been closed, raising concerns from campaigners about the zoo’s more than 300 animals and their … Continue reading Puerto Rico Zoo’s

UFC 285 Review

          UFC 285 had high expectations from the minute it was announced, and it completely lived up to and surpassed those expectations. From all-out wars, to complete and utter domination, UFC 285 saw it all, and today, we will look at the best moments from the night.           The night started with a great fight with Loik Radzhabov and Esteban Ribovic going at it. Ribovic was able … Continue reading UFC 285 Review

The World’s Worst Superhero

By: Thomas Horvath The state of Florida is the third most populated state in America, so of course there will be crime stories. However, Florida has become rather notorious in recent years for their crazy headlines that normally involve a Florida man doing something absurd that you would have to see to believe. These incidents are dubbed as “Florida Man” stories. The origin of this … Continue reading The World’s Worst Superhero

Protests erupt in Georgia over foreign agents bill

(Photo provided by Zurab Tsertsvadze / Associated Press) Recently, the Parliament of the Republic of Georgia just passed the first reading of a draft law regarding “foreign agents.” Under this new law, any organization receiving more than 20% of its funding from external, non-state sources would need to register as a “foreign agent”, unless they want to face heavy fines from the government. On the … Continue reading Protests erupt in Georgia over foreign agents bill


During the Age of Enlightenment, English philosopher John Locke first thought of the idea of the social contract. Jean-Jaques Rousseau further developed and established this ideology. This theory argues that people need a form of government to protect certain unalienable freedoms and rights people receive at birth. However, in exchange, people must give up some of their rights in order to secure the protection of … Continue reading Revolution.

Stay on track!

There are only twenty-four hours in a day. On average, Americans spend seven of those hours sleeping, which leaves seventeen left. Learning to manage those seventeen hours seems to be pretty difficult for the average person, especially in this age of social media and entertainment.  According to the American Psychological, 80 to 90 percent of college-age students procrastinate. Scientists attribute anxiety or a fear of … Continue reading Stay on track!

Magic of Music

Music is the arrangement of sounds that create and combine form, harmony, melody, and rhythm. Creating music allows creativity and self-expression to prosper, but listening to music also has benefits. The sweet sounds of Mozart, Beethoven, or even Lil Uzi Vert could help preserve brain function in people one day.  A recent study by Harvard Medical School proposed the question: does music improve mental health … Continue reading Magic of Music

Pros & Cons of Video Games

Debates about video games have been common and have only grown as more game innovations have been introduced. Many people, especially older generations, worry about the detrimental effects video games have on today’s youth. Despite the cons of video games, there are benefits of playing them that many people overlook. It is important to know the determinants of gaming, even if the benefits outweigh them. … Continue reading Pros & Cons of Video Games