Its getting hot in Florida

By: Summer Livengood It’s almost summer, and in the summer Florida gets hot. Temperatures are rising, already growing to an average 90 degrees and some days hotter. In the past couple years the temperature has been rising. These days global warming is an issue. What is global warming you may ask, it happens from greenhouse gasses. Our greenhouse gasses have affected our ecosystem and have … Continue reading Its getting hot in Florida

BAnning of synthetic nicotine

By:Summer Livengood The recent bill signed by President Joe Biden is to get rid of synthetic nicotine. If you don’t know what synthetic nicotine is, it is vapes and e-cigarettes. It also doesn’t contain any tobacco, which makes it synthetic. They are chemically produced and made. In the past couple of years, nicotine products have become more and more popular. Also, due to the popularity … Continue reading BAnning of synthetic nicotine

Florida’s Upcoming Summer

By:Summer Livengood Florida is a very touristy area. Key West gets over 550 tourists a week. You would never guess how many we get during summer break. Over 3 million people just during the summer.  `Now for the small Florida keys, that’s a lot of people. It also hurts our oceans and other communities. Bars stay open longer, beaches get more pollution. The summer comes … Continue reading Florida’s Upcoming Summer

Gun violence

By:Summer Livengood Gun violence has affected over 1 million people in just the United States. Whenever you read or watch the news most of the time you will always see a shooting or killing by deadly weapon such as a gun. Today in this age there have been serious injuries from guns also having major deaths. Guns are associated with drive-by shootings, school shootings and … Continue reading Gun violence

14 year old dies on roller coaster

On March 24, 2022, 14-year-old Tyre Sampson fell to his death at ICON Park Orlando, Florida. The park’ fame in upper Florida comes from their ride called the FreeFall, a 430-foot tall ride that takes up to 30 people and drops them down the 430 feet swiftly.  On the way up, the roller coaster slowly turns the passengers before waiting a couple of moments until … Continue reading 14 year old dies on roller coaster