Its getting hot in Florida

By: Summer Livengood

It’s almost summer, and in the summer Florida gets hot. Temperatures are rising, already growing to an average 90 degrees and some days hotter. In the past couple years the temperature has been rising. These days global warming is an issue. What is global warming you may ask, it happens from greenhouse gasses. Our greenhouse gasses have affected our ecosystem and have thinned our o-zone layer. 

The sun rays are pushing through the layer more than it was 100 years ago. In this heat our arctic is melting. The arctic glaciers have been melting at a faster rate than normal making our oceans rise. You are more likely to get 3 degree burns by the sun rays now. 

Scientists believe that there will be a huge heat wave. Growing to one hundred. Currently we are in the high 90s but we have been having small cold fronts which have led to lower temperatures and high wind. If we don’t get our greenhouse gasses in check and our o-zone layer higher. There will be more troubles in the future. There are many things we can do.

Use less fossil fuels, plant more trees, ride bikes, turn off electricity when not home. Can all help keep fossil fuels at a low. Also To help the environment and o-zone recover.

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