Gun violence

By:Summer Livengood

Gun violence has affected over 1 million people in just the United States. Whenever you read or watch the news most of the time you will always see a shooting or killing by deadly weapon such as a gun. Today in this age there have been serious injuries from guns also having major deaths. Guns are associated with drive-by shootings, school shootings and others. There have been  many issues involving guns. Many people have protested to get rid of guns but then there’s also wanting to keep their right to bear arms. 

There have been laws made to make sure minors don’t get guns. There have been multiple accidents. Annual cost violence over 200 billion dollars. There are many types of violence also being added to gangs and school violence. There has been over 1,000 school shootings since the year 1970 and over 600 deaths have Occured . Estimated 3 million child in the United States exposed to gun violence every year. 

           The rate of firearm deaths over 1,000 people is 20% or higher. Also suicides having over 64% using a gun. Everyday a suicide case occurs due to fatal gunshot wound. There should be more boundaries to being able purchase or access a firearm.

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