Live, Laugh, Love: Lacrosse

 Since the start of the season, Key West High School’s (KWHS) Girls Lacrosse team has dominated the field through their diligence, teamwork, and skill. Their hard work is reflected in their incredible ten-to-two win-loss record this season.  Climbing their way up the ranks to the top, the girls lacrosse team is ready to win the district championship.

Naomi Grabus, Juliette Hamilton,  Isabella Marchiano, and Katie “Scarlett” McMonigle, the team’s 4 co-captains, commented on how well the team is doing this season. 

Hamilton shared, “My thoughts about the upcoming district game is that we are going to try our best, work hard, and hopefully take home that district trophy.” She continued, “The team grows so much each and every year, but I really think we have connected this year and have become the best we can be.” McMonigle concurred, “We have so many strong players, we don’t depend on any one girl for all of our goals, we all work together. I think that we are a more well-rounded team this year, with a deep, talented bench to back us up.” Both agree that teamwork is imperative for their team’s success.

Marchiano offered an alternate opinion. Marchiano attributes their improvement this season to their perseverance and hard work.  “Our team has improved in a lot of ways this season but we have especially improved with transitioning the ball down the field, calling plays on attack, and defense shutting out the opposing team”.  

Their raw talent also is a factor in their success. Grabus commented on the team’s skill. “Each and every player on the team shows outstanding promise and capability. Each girl tries their absolute best and gives their all, and everyone is an asset to the team. I’d like to especially recognize Bella Marchiano, Ella Baxter, and Rachel Owens, who I’ve had the pleasure of playing with since middle school. These girls are incredibly skillful and truly a joy to have on the team.”  

 All of the captains agreed that only the freshman on the team, their main goalie, Courtney Grabus, deserved some recognition. Naomi elaborated, “ I’d also like to recognize my sister, Courtney Grabus, who is our starting goalie as a freshman. Courtney exceeded nearly everyone’s expectations and shows extreme promise for her upcoming high school career. I’m incredibly proud of her and can’t wait to watch her improve and grow.“ Marchiano divulged, “I would like to recognize our freshman goalie, Courtney Grabus. Courtney has really killed it this season, and I don’t think the team could be any prouder. I am excited about her future because her skills are so impressive already!.”

Not only does lacrosse give the young women of KWHS to train and improve their talent, but it also cultivates a caring community. McMonigle concluded, “ If you are thinking about joining, do it. The people are kind and smart and you won’t find anything like it in any other sport. All of my best friends I met through lacrosse, and as I graduate and play my last few games with them I can truly see how much it has affected my life.”

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