The Return of EA Sports’ NCAA Football

By: Gus Wilson Electronic Arts (EA) Sports has not made a college football video game since 2014, when they created NCAA Football 14, a college football video game similar to John Madden’s with all real teams and players. Football and video game fans have been begging for this game to return one day, but with states and the NCAA still not passing the laws to … Continue reading The Return of EA Sports’ NCAA Football

Women Making Their Mark in Major Sports Leagues

Recently in the sports world, women have been making headlines like it’s nothing. ESPN and other large sports networks have been reporting on these historical events and how important they are. College football, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball Association have all been evolving to give women opportunities that they never had before. The Vanderbilt Commodores’ shocked the sports world when they brought … Continue reading Women Making Their Mark in Major Sports Leagues

NASCAR Championship Weekend

The NASCAR championship weekend in Phoenix, Arizona was a thriller did not disappoint. It was full of great stories and exciting moments which will be reviewed in this article.       It started out with many news announcements and team changes for the next season being said the most notable being 21 year old Riley Herbst moving from Joe Gibbs Racing after a fairly disappointing season to … Continue reading NASCAR Championship Weekend

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The Return of Sports

Throughout this very wild and unforgettable year, many events have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Sports have been one of the most greatly affected areas. As we are slowly trying to fight off the virus and understand how to live life with it, sports are also starting to come back.  For starters, one of the first sports that came back was NASCAR and … Continue reading The Return of Sports

Division I Athletes in Key West

By: Gus Wilson While growing up, kids dream of becoming a professional athlete. During this 2019-2020 school year, two Key West High School (KWHS) athletes took a major step towards that dream. Patrick Barnett and Brendan Roney will be attending NCAA Division I colleges to play their respective sports in hopes of being recognized by a professional team. Patrick Barnett will be attending and playing … Continue reading Division I Athletes in Key West