Floridas crime issues and other

By: Summer Livengood

On May 18th, there was an incident with a man who was pulled over (name not released). The man was pulled over for a few violations pulling into the gas station he pulls into the pump. A cop follows behind him to arrest him. When he came over to arrest him the man refused to arrest him. From police guidelines, police are allowed to tase their resisting occupant.  Tasers use electric static. When the taser reached the man the gas ignited causing the man to ignite with the gas. The man on fire was rushed to the fire with 75% of his body covered with 3-degree burns. The man is currently still in the hospital being treated.

On May 18th,  in upper Florida, a woman was killed by a drive-by shooting.   The suspect is unknown but was seen driving a white SUV. There were two suspects, one driving and the one doing the shooting was sitting in the passenger side of the car. She passed away at the scene. The police are currently looking for the two suspects and are looking into why she was targeted.

Road rage, a man was on his way down the street on a motorcycle when another man approached him with a weapon. The two men got into an altercation when the man in the car exited his vehicle with a knife in hand. The motorcycles backed up slowly. The man with the knife swung at the motorcycles. As another man video recorded.

In the past, the killer clown trial. A woman was found dressed as a clown. What was later found out is she had shot her lover’s wife. Found that her lover would not leave his current wife. She had dressed like a clown to hide her identity but had found fingerprints from her. This was over 30 years ago due to such little evidence they had brought the case to a halt multiple times. Today they decided to delay the case again due to such small witnesses. The case will be brought up again on June 3rd. 
More and more crimes happen every day in Florida. If you know anything about these cases or others found please call Anyone with information on this shooting is urged to contact the Violent Crimes Unit at (225) 389-4869 or Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867.

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