Inda’s Heat Wave

By: Vivienne Wellet

India is one of the most populated countries in the world, with a population of over 1.38 billion people which can cause heat from all the pollution that there is. New Delhi, the capital of India, is having a major heat wave with scorching temperatures all the way up to 116 Fahrenheit. According to the Accuweather Senior Meteorologist and Lead International Forecast Jason Nicholls, the highest temperature record ever recorded in New Delhi was 117 Fahrenheit.

   He had also mentioned that south of New Delhi, temps were around 118 Fahrenheit. A reason why India keeps getting hotter and hotter is because of the burning coal and other fossil fuels, not enough rain/thunderstorms to shower everything down, and global warming caused by greenhouse gasses. According to WeForum, India’s heatwaves are increasing rapidly every 10 years. 

            March and April 2022 were the hottest months since 1901. In the city of Jodhpur, tankers drove and sprinkled the streets and people to cool them off so they wouldn’t overheat. According to an article, these tanks were originally used for controlling pollution and reducing dust particles. The article also mentioned,”People wore heat scars to protect themselves and the scorching sun so they wouldn’t overheat.” Locals who live there have no other choice but to stay inside or outside in the shade because they have no air conditioning at all.

            A construction worker, Yogendra Tundre had mentioned that “we have to work because if we don’t we don’t earn money, then we can’t get food to heat. It’s almost impossible to work outside in the sun because after a while we sit because of the heat. It makes us want to stop and rest for a long time.” His wife Lata had also mentioned that she takes many days off because she feels sick from dehydration all the time. 

          Missing out on work can decrease the amount of income they earn. An article had said over 25 people died already from getting a heat stroke in Maharashtra. There isn’t any place in India where you can cool off because everywhere in India is over 100 degrees. 

         School has been cut short, crops have been dying off, everything is slowly going down. India isn’t a high-end country like America, so they really can’t do anything to help decrease the amount of heat that comes from the sun. Hopefully, soon enough, the heat will go down and no one will die over the heat. 

Picture from The Weather Channel

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