Alzheimer’s Disease

By: Vivienne Wellet   Alzheimer’s or also known as Dementia, is a disease that involves memory loss and interrupts other important daily things. It is caused by “the abnormal build-up of proteins in and around the brain cell.” More than 54 million people”worldwide” have Alzheimer’s. The longer Alzheimer’s disease is present in the body the worse and worse it will get, first they can’t remember … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Disease

Flood Watch in Florida

   By: Vivienne Wellet Storms and flood warnings have been posted all around Florida. There are flood watches in most parts of the state including Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Gainesville. According to weather forecasters, the biggest concern is regarding the gusty winds that will occur during the storms. The winds will be able to push the ocean and flood some parts of the beaches and roads … Continue reading Flood Watch in Florida


By: Vivienne Wellet Butterflies are extremely prominent, with about 17,500 different species in the world and 750 in the U.S. Their colors can vary in red, blue, yellow, and green but some can mix to make new colors. Interesting facts about butterflies are, they smell with their antennae, if you look at the wings and tell if it is a male or a female, and … Continue reading Butterflies

“Bomb” Cyclone in California

  By: Vivienne Wellet A powerful storm is referred to as a “bomb cyclone” which is a type of storm that is known for its falling atmospheric pressure or “the atmospheric river”, which is a concentrated plume of moisture that extends over the ocean, for example, the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere, the current was angled toward the North Bay. Mr. Miller, a meteorologist, … Continue reading “Bomb” Cyclone in California

Endangered Sea Turtles

By: Vivienne Wellet  Endangered Species are all around the world, and they are endangered because of hunting, fishing, prey, etc. Many sea turtle species are on the endangered list, they are vulnerable to people who poach them for their eggs, meat, skin, and even their shell. Nearly all sea turtle species are endangered now because of debris, nets, etc. Jellyfish are sea turtles’ favorite food, … Continue reading Endangered Sea Turtles

Wildfires In California

  By: Vivienne Wellet Recently, California Wildfires have struck yet again this year.The fires have caused great destruction to not only us humans, but to animals, homes, and many parts of land we use for many things like farming, building, and many other things. This fire season, there has been one 8,000 fires that have consumed or 3 million acres of land. 3 people have … Continue reading Wildfires In California

Endangered Owls

By: Vivienne Wellet   Most Owls are on the endangered list because of habitat destruction and fragmentation. Another reason is because of human disturbances such as the cutting down of trees, which can be prevented. Although owls are protected under federal law, there are only about 2,000 owls of all different species around the globe. Different owl species can weigh up to 7 pounds depending on … Continue reading Endangered Owls

Where Is Hurricane Sam Heading?

By: Vivienne Wellet Hurricane Sam formed on September 24, 2021 as a category 2 storm on Friday night. A couple nights later Sam formed into a stronger storm, a category 4 storm with 150 mph in northeast of the Atlantic Ocean. The storm is around 745 miles southwest of the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands,moving nearly 8 miles per hour.    Sam is one of … Continue reading Where Is Hurricane Sam Heading?

Volcano Eruption in Spain

By: Vivienne Wellet On September 19, 2021,a volcano erupted on the islands of  La Palma Spain. As lava was running down the mountain,authorities started to evacuate locals who lived there. About 5,000 locals have been evacuated,yet there are still so many left. The population is approximately 85,000 according to scientists. Officials say that if you can’t evacuate, it is safest to stay inside because of … Continue reading Volcano Eruption in Spain