By: Vivienne Wellet   Pollution is an everyday problem in the world. There are many different types of pollution, for example, air pollution is caused by vehicles, fuel oils, and other natural gasses, plastic pollution which is causing many different problems like killing species.    Thermal pollution is caused by industries and power plants.Thermal pollution is heated liquid discharged from factories and into natural waters at a … Continue reading Pollution

Top 5 Best States to Vacation

By: Vivienne Wellet California – With the capitol being Sacramento, it’s a popular place to go on vacation. For example, there’s parks like Disneyland, or natural parks like Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. The Hollywood sign is a very popular place to take pictures of,as well as Hollywood Boulevard. If traveling to San Francisco, visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge and take … Continue reading Top 5 Best States to Vacation

Top 5 Valuable Paintings in the World

By: Vivienne Wellet Salvator Mundi- A painting that costs over 450 million dollars, made by Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardeschi. It was made in 1490- 1500 when people found it before it was sold; it was restored by Dianne Modestini. Today no one knows where it is actually but some researchers think that it is in Saudi Arabia in Underground Tunnels and was bought by … Continue reading Top 5 Valuable Paintings in the World

Top Five Best Athletic Wear

By: Vivienne Wellet Exercising has been a big impact on everyone’s lifestyle in 2022 ;, but what do we wear while practicing the act of exercise?Athletic clothes are super comfy to wear and can allow you to see the progress of muscle form. Here are the top five of the best athletic clothes you could wear.  Lululemon- Among women, most buy from  Lululemon, which was … Continue reading Top Five Best Athletic Wear

Tornado Strucked In Iowa

By: Vivienne Wellet Central Iowa has had tornadoes in the past due to its location in the  Tornado Alley which includes  Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. Central Iowa has had the worst tornadoes of any Tornado Alley state so far in 2022.  In this region,  a giant tornado whipped through Des Moines, Iowa. It has caused the destruction of … Continue reading Tornado Strucked In Iowa

Top 5 Contagious Diseases

By: Vivienne Wellet The top 5 most contagious diseases that came around in the early ages or past up recently. These diseases have killed many many people and taken generations away. Many family members lost family members. These are the top 5 most contagious diseases.    Covid-19-  Studies show that covid started in China in a scientific facility, and  started spreading there. In 2019-2020 It got … Continue reading Top 5 Contagious Diseases