Top 5 Contagious Diseases

By: Vivienne Wellet

The top 5 most contagious diseases that came around in the early ages or past up recently. These diseases have killed many many people and taken generations away. Many family members lost family members. These are the top 5 most contagious diseases. 

  Covid-19-  Studies show that covid started in China in a scientific facility, and  started spreading there. In 2019-2020 It got worse to the point where everyone has been quarantined and stuck in their home for who knows how long. People had been in their homes for so long that they were starting to run out of food. Over 924k people died in the United States and over 78.9 million have caught it. Everything was closed like stores and schools. Tons of businesses went out of business and tons of people lost their jobs. In early 2021 scientists found a vaccine that only, in the beginning, people over the age of 70 could get.. Over time they lowered the age so over 5 you can get it. Although it seemed to be working, it wasn’t, people who were vaccinated still got sick. Around December 2021 a new mutation began in covid-19. Everyone was scared but with masks, we were protected. 

  Tuberculosis- Also known as TB, this disease affects mostly the lungs. It is basically where liquids fill your lungs and drown with being in water. It spread whenever someone coughed or sneezed. It started on March 24,1882, and over 1.5 million people died worldwide and over 1 million people caught it. Symptoms of TB are feelings of sickness or weakness, quick weight loss, fevers, and night sweats. Although there wasn’t a vaccine when it started there is one now. A scientist named Robert Koch discovered a bacteria that spread to the lungs and how it progressed and got worse and worse every time and lasted for about 2-4 years. 

  Norovirus-Its symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramping. It started in 1968, and started because of contaminated food in the United states. Last sign of norovirus was in march 2018 and over 100 people got it. When it first started over 685 million cases worldwide were estimated.Once people get it, it’s contagious for about three days, so probably better to stay at home and quarantine if it got worse than go to a hospital. It lasts for about 2-4 days depending on your immune system. There is no treatment or cure for Norovirus. 

  Influenza-  The  disease affects the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. It can be not as bad or as bad to get to death. Symptoms of influenza are sore throat, headaches, muscle or body aches, runny nose, or fatigue. According to scientists there is no cure or treatment for this disease but only to rest. If it gets any worse then better to go to a hospital. Last time there was an outbreak of influenza was in 1918-1919, many people died during it. 
  Meningitis-  Symptoms of Meningitis are sudden high fever, severe headaches, seizures, sensitivity to light, confusion, and sleepiness or difficulty in waking up. The last Meningitis outbreak was in November of 2009 and according to the internet there were 214 cases in the U.S. and 18 deaths. There are a couple vaccines and cures for it, Meningococcal conjugate or MenACWY vaccines. People can get Meningitis by coughing, sharing eating utensils, kissing, a toothbrush ,or a cigarette. Meningitis can get people sick to as low as the age of one.

Photo from Loma Linda Unversity

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