By: Vivienne Wellet

  Pollution is an everyday problem in the world. There are many different types of pollution, for example, air pollution is caused by vehicles, fuel oils, and other natural gasses, plastic pollution which is causing many different problems like killing species. 

  Thermal pollution is caused by industries and power plants.Thermal pollution is heated liquid discharged from factories and into natural waters at a temperature which can harm animals.If thermal pollution is not stopped then it will decrease the amount of dissolved oxygen marine species need for them to live. If thermal pollution were to get into the human system, it could possibly give them stress, diseases, an increase of metabolic rate, or even death. What happens if we stopped using power plants? Well, the oceans dissolved oxygen for a marine species will be a lot healthier for them to live and so will every human won’t be breathing contaminated lethal oxygen. 

 Noise pollution is caused by explosions, gunshots, or any loud noise. If something is too loud NIHL(Noise Induced Hearing Loss) can develop. There are about nine classes depending how loud the noise is, one from normal to nine which is car horns or engines. To prevent noise pollution, close doors while there is a loud machine working, following the limits of the noise level, turning off appliances in homes or offices, and the easiest thing to do is using headphones/ earplugs. 

  Soil contamination is caused by human activities including manufacturing, local waste, land development, industrial dumping, and excessive fertilizer and pesticide use. It affects the earth by reducing soil organic matter and we can prevent it by removing debris, turning soil over, and having a good placement of grass to cover up soil. If it were to touch or be near a human it can cause them headaches,nausea, fatigue, and skin/eye irritation. It can also expose them to heavy metals and organic chemicals. Can’t we just see if the soil is contaminated or not? No, that is not possible. If someone wanted to test their soil they would take a sample of it and send it to a lab. 

 Meanwhile, the increase of plastic pollution is still a major problem because it is not going away.. Plastic products never disintegrate because of the material it is made of it breaks apart into smaller pieces until its little microplastics and marine animals for example, if a little crab ate some micro plastic because it was in the food that the crab eats and then a fish comes along and eats the crab, now the fish has plastic in it. Over time it will die because of how much micro plastic is in it. Another example is fishing nets get thrown out to sea and marine species get stuck or tangled in it and they die unless humans find them. Marine animals are not the only thing suffering humans are too. There are many islands filled up with plastics and rivers so humans can’t use the river anymore, this is called contamination. People all over the world learned how to reuse plastic either for themselves or to make new things in factories like utensils, toys, clothes, and many more.

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