Doughnuts Around the World

Donuts, the perfect breakfast on the go or a “pick-me-up” after a long day of school or work. There’s the classical glazed, chocolate or strawberry frosting with or without sprinkles. However, there are many other varieties of the doughy treat around the world. The doughy pastry is so popular, it has its own national day. 

Most people know the donut as a fluffy, doughy, and sometimes filled with creams and sauces, circular pastry. Although, there are many other varieties. Starting with Canada’s version, the BeaverTail. The BeaverTail is a flattened piece of fried dough with any toppings you like. Most consist of chocolate spread, cinnamon and sugar, and cookies and cream. Although, there are savory toppings. Canada is also known to be the most “donut-obsessed” country in North America, consuming more donuts per capita and having more donut shops per capita. Most shops being the most popular, Tim Hortons. 

Another country in North America is Mexico. There the donuts are in a different form and called Churros. Along with Mexico, they can be found in Spain and parts of Latin America. The Churro is additionally known as a doughy snack that can be eaten at all times of day in Mexico. Whereas in Spain, it is more commonly eaten for breakfast. The tasty treats can also be found served with a side of chocolate sauce. The Spanish pastry also has some portuguese background too. They are served hot and coated in cinnamon sugar. 

Across the Atlantic ocean in Germany, their doughnuts are called Berliner Pafannkuchen and are very similar to American doughnuts. Berliner Pfannkuchens are often referred to as “Berliners” and filled with cream, jelly, chocolate, or fruit. To top it off, Berliners are usually topped with powdered sugar. Although, watch out because a classic prank in Germany is to fill on with mustard instead of sweet and sugary fillings. 

In the country of Japan, there are An-doughnuts. Having an unknown origin, their popularity grew. The An-doughnuts look like “donut holes” in the United States; however, these are filled with red bean paste. Coming close to Canada, Japan is also a big doughnut consuming country. The most popular doughnut shop is Mister Donuts where you can find An-doughnuts. 

In South Asia, specifically in India, Balushahi donuts are the most popular donut across the country. The doughnuts are similar to glazed doughnuts, however, they have a sugary syrup on them that makes the pastry have more of a crunch. Balushahi doughnuts are on the simpler side consisting of just fried dough and a sugary syrup for glaze. 

Out of 192 countries in the world, these are just a few varieties of doughnuts out there. Although, all are delicious, there is a chance to try some out on National Donut Day on June 3rd.

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