How do you make the best out of a bad situation? Making the best out of a bad situation is definitely something that can be hard. Some situations are easier than others. A lot of people often make the situation worse by their actions or mood, but here are some ways to change the approach of trying to overcome the situation. 

#1 Spend some time alone to try to figure out what happened. 

First of all, most bad situations are not planned ahead of time. They often come out of nowhere and are not expected. Bad situations are not to be prepared for, and rarely ever prevented. Bad things happen to everyone sooner or later, no matter how good that person is. Unfortunately no one gets a free fortune pass to skip out on the misfortune events that life holds. Once the bad situation occurs or hits, spend some time alone. Spend time asking yourself some simple questions. Am I sad? Angry? Upset? Depressed? Try to find the emotions coming from the situation.  

#2 Figure out the lesson it’s teaching.

 We all have mistakes we go through, and most of us learn from them eventually. So figuring out the life lesson is the best option. Is there a life lesson out of this bad situation? Am I supposed to be learning something? What can I make out of this situation? Most situations no matter how bad end up having a lesson or something to be learned from it, even small minor conflicts. To some they feel they are not able to learn anything or benefit from situations, which would be an example of denial. Denial often happens with a lot of human society. Not owning up to their mistakes and then refusing to take part and figure out what they did wrong can all contribute to the idea of figuring out the life lesson in a situation. 

#3 Keep your head up, and don’t give up. 

​​Do not give up. Even when you want to, just keep going. You will surprise yourself and see how strong you are when you decide not to give up. As each year approaches we all need to focus on staying with something because most likely success will be seen in the future. Having goals is a great way to really navigate through situations and can even help guide you through the future and maybe avoid the results of conflict. A vision board is also a great way of showing that you are pushing through and not giving up. 

In reality bad situations happen to everyone and will happen even if one hasn’t occurred to you yet. But knowing how to handle these situations is a great way to not let your emotions take over or make the situation more stressful than it could be.

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