How do you make the best out of a bad situation? Making the best out of a bad situation is definitely something that can be hard. Some situations are easier than others. A lot of people often make the situation worse by their actions or mood, but here are some ways to change the approach of trying to overcome the situation.  #1 Spend some time … Continue reading

Florida Keys Living

   The Florida Keys consists of many wildlife, tourism, fishing, water and much more. Why live here? Living in the keys is definitely a certain type of lifestyle that is not meant for everyone. While living here and enjoying boating, eating, swimming, relaxing, which is all nice and enjoyable, but there are also aspects of living here that are a little more unenjoyable and make it … Continue reading Florida Keys Living


Fast food is one of the most questioned aspects of the American diet. Most kids eat it at an early age and develop the habit of eating greasy fried foods in their everyday food, but, why is this bad? Well, the ingredients in the food items are honestly almost unexplainable. People have shown that Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets have been observed to not change color after … Continue reading Habits

The Top Colleges/Universities in the U.S.

(not in a specific order) 1. Harvard University – Located in Cambridge Massachusetts, this school’s beautiful campus and amazing students give the school #1 top-ranked. Harvard is a private ivy league school with an acceptance rate of 5.2 percent as of 2021. Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest higher education institution in the United States , and is widely regarded in terms of its … Continue reading The Top Colleges/Universities in the U.S.

Social media

   Is social media a good thing or a bad thing? The short answer is neither. Meanwhile, teens are the number one social media users. This is affecting mental health and creating standards and other things that should not be taken seriously. Jealousy, bullying and negative comments all have negative effects on almost every teen. Whether they are comparing themselves to others, wishing they were someone … Continue reading Social media

Fashion trends

Fashion from the olden days are now making their way back! Some of the hottest most popular fashion trends at the moment are actually trends from a little while ago. Why do fashion trends come back? trends repeat every 20-30 years because of “generational changes as well as designers taking inspiration from styles their parents wore.” Children are being influenced by their parents’ clothing and … Continue reading Fashion trends

Mcdonalds Reconsidered

One of the world’s most famous restaurants. The fast, easy, cheap… and unhealthy Mcdonald’s. Over 65 million people around the world eat at Mcdonald’s every day. Which is approximately 1% of the population. McDonald’s promotes their food as ‘nutritious’, but the reality is that it is processed junk food – high in fat, sugar and salt, and low in fiber and vitamins.  A diet of … Continue reading Mcdonalds Reconsidered

America is home to many big and beautiful cities. That means expensive and populated. But which are the most expensive? The top 2 are:  #1 Manhattan, New York- NYC home of broadway, times square, central park, and much more. Stands at number 1’s most expensive city in the U.S. today. Cost of living: 142.5% above U.S. average. With a population of just over 1.6 million … Continue reading

Theme park concerns

A big question going through a lot of people’s heads after more tragedies have occurred: Are theme parks/rides safe? After the incident occurring at Orlando’s Icon Park last Thursday, a new perspective has come out. However, theme park accidents have been a thing for a while. When you go to Disneyland/world, some people would say they trust it because it’s Disney or some other big … Continue reading Theme park concerns

Materialism in society

Is society too materialistic? The answer differs in everyone’s different point of view of the subject on materialism. Modern society is already materialistic to the max but in some ways it may be an upbringing. Because of all of the wealth and success, people have made perspectives focused on money and items. Which is a form of materialism, though materialism can be brainwashing and shallow, … Continue reading Materialism in society