America is home to many big and beautiful cities. That means expensive and populated. But which are the most expensive? The top 2 are: 

#1 Manhattan, New York- NYC home of broadway, times square, central park, and much more. Stands at number 1’s most expensive city in the U.S. today. Cost of living: 142.5% above U.S. average. With a population of just over 1.6 million people, 16% are living in poverty. There are many parts to the city though. Many sections dividing different wealth groups and classes. All around the city is based on higher end living. While everything in this borough is pricey, it’s the housing market that really makes Manhattan prices crippling for individuals. The purchase price of homes in Manhattan is 6.5 times what average Americans pay. So the difference between Manhattan’s median home price and the national average is $1,733,422 – this number alone is greater than the median home price of any other city on this list. Manhattan rents are also far more costly than any other city, being 5.2 times the national average. 

#2 San Francisco, California- 

  • Cost of living: 101.7% above U.S. average
  • City population: 883,305
  • Median household income: $96,265

This puts San Fran in the number 2 position because of the extremely high living costs. Though it’s expensive, It certainly is beautiful. I see why people want to live on the gold coast. San Francisco is one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities in America. San Francisco’s high cost of living is due to its booming tech industry and proximity to Silicon Valley. The Bay Area could become even more expensive given the high number of tech companies expected to go public this year

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