Materialism in society

Is society too materialistic? The answer differs in everyone’s different point of view of the subject on materialism. Modern society is already materialistic to the max but in some ways it may be an upbringing. Because of all of the wealth and success, people have made perspectives focused on money and items. Which is a form of materialism, though materialism can be brainwashing and shallow, it also may be able to impact on the future. There really are different types of materialism also and I think where you live also differs in terms of the levels of materialistic people. 

   For example living in a city like Miami, Los Angeles, NYC all has loads of materialistic people which is not a bad thing. I actually find myself as a materialistic person at times because not only do I love shopping but it’s often the main thing I look forward to or talk about which can get obsessive. Now there is also no shame in being materialistic because successful money making people are and can have impacts on society which is great. An example of a materialistic person would be, someone who often compares money situations, brags about things they have, phone obsession, When someone else has something nicer than them, they feel inferior, money or special items are often talked about. I think the worst part of it though, the main downside would be materialism in youth. Kids being exposed to materialism by their parents results in them buying or receiving things others may not have which can lead to bullying or a lack of self confidence on both sides. Both sides are the spoiled kid vs the average income kid without the fancy stuff. Youth materialism is strongly associated with low self-esteem, as well as depression, anxiety, decreased motivation, and selfish behaviors. Signs of too much stuff, or stuff being simply handed to kids left and right is not always a good thing.   Another problem that isn’t always the case but does appear from time to time is depression. In fact, research suggests that materialistic people are less happy than their peers. They experience fewer positive emotions, are less satisfied with life, and suffer higher levels of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Forms of gratitude are also not present in many people because of these things.

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