Fast food is one of the most questioned aspects of the American diet. Most kids eat it at an early age and develop the habit of eating greasy fried foods in their everyday food, but, why is this bad? Well, the ingredients in the food items are honestly almost unexplainable. People have shown that Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets have been observed to not change color after many days of being left out, and the percentages of meat are not even identified in each item on the menus. Putting these things in your body is probably not the best choice because of the effects they cause in older life or current. Eating these foods give you no health benefits and can give you a higher risk of getting diagnosed with obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. Obesity rates in America are extremely high and aren’t slowing down as most of this has to do with the American diet and things being consumed on a daily basis. Eating processed food creates things like Acne also because of the ingredients that cause your skin to become oily and even break out. Many bad habits start at a young age. When a child is exposed to unhealthy food at a young age bad habits develop and health problems take place. It’s not just about specific fast food items that should not be eaten, but also the amount of food being eaten. Now, this does not mean you should never eat it and that it is going to kill you, it’s more about the effects it has on you and how to avoid eating it all of the time. Eating processed foods is hard to avoid and can’t be avoided all the time, but limiting your consumption of them and getting more of an intake of fruit and vegetables is definitely a better option for most.

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