Florida Keys Living

   The Florida Keys consists of many wildlife, tourism, fishing, water and much more. Why live here? Living in the keys is definitely a certain type of lifestyle that is not meant for everyone. While living here and enjoying boating, eating, swimming, relaxing, which is all nice and enjoyable, but there are also aspects of living here that are a little more unenjoyable and make it not fit for all types of people. Here are some things to consider when thinking of the keys for your future. 

   The negatives for some families’ school options are very limited and could definitely be better. There are only 3 public high schools in all of the keys. The keys stretches about

 180 miles with 800 different islands. Key West, the most liveable island, offers few elementary and middle schools but one public high school, personally education wise there are no private or prep schools available and not all are open for this. Another reason is that it’s not 100% the best for kids because there are not many things to do. Many children are limited in activities and sports because  of little opportunity options. Now this does not apply to everyone, only some parents are into things like private school and other extracurricular over achieving ideas for their kids. Meanwhile, other parents are fine with the laid back public school. 

   Absolutely outrageous housing prices. The market down here is insane and going up constantly. Great property value for home owners as well. People moving from all over to escape Covid, cold weather, over populated areas etc. The ocean doesn’t only sit there and look pretty but also creates jobs and housing for many people. The tourism industry is very high in the keys especially because of fishing charters.  Fishing is one of the most popular things that tourists enjoy doing. Cruising down Duval is also a very popular thing to take part in while visiting or living. Tons of restaurants in the beautiful downtown area offering all types of foods and drinks. 

   The downsides of moving here are a thing though (not for all but for some). Very different living from a city, whether that’s good or bad depending on the person. For example dressing up in heels and sparkles is not really a Key West thing because there is not much going on in the upscale department. If shorts and shirts are your normal attire the keys are definitely a fit for you! Also isolation is a thing down here. Because the island is so small and pretty far from any main city, the isolation feels real after a while.

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