The Wonderful World of Writing

A day on the water can have a helpful, calming effect. Just the vast, blue waters and you out there. It allows emotions of anger, sadness, or frustration to be released. Writing can have a similar benefit. 

A senior at Key West High School (KWHS), Sadie Dodds, can attest to the blessing writing can be. “I would say I’m extremely passionate about writing. I love to write. When I write, I can live completely different lives and leave behind all my problems in this life.” Ella Hall, a junior at KWHS, completely agreed with Dodds. Hall shared, “I like to write because it’s an escape from my reality. It gives me the ability to write about someone else’s life, make up a story, or even write poetry.” Writing is essential to aid in dealing with dilemmas, especially internal struggles. 

Dodds explained why writing helps her so much. “Writing lets me process all my thoughts so I don’t just bottle them up.” Hall concurred, “Writing is a good way to reset my mind and focus on something else. If I have a bad day, I write. If my eyes look like Niagara Falls, I write. It’s a way for me to concentrate on something else.” Writing cultivates the mind; it not only develops their communication and writing skills, but also allows people to process what is happening in their life. It is imperative for people to be able to go through the therapeutic process of writing because it really does work!

Hall advised on how to receive the benefits of writing and how to start. “To get into writing it’s simple: just start writing. Even if it’s your own thoughts, or even a story you made up in your head. The more you write the better you’ll get at it.” Just like everything, practice makes perfect. All that is needed to start writing.. Dodds  also encouraged, “The best way to get into writing is to just do it. Honestly, you just start writing words over and over again and the more you practice the easier you will think of them later and the better they will sound.” 

No fancy equipment is necessary. A pen and paper, or a laptop, are simply utensils to resolve any issues and allow the words inside flow out onto the page. With just one word you can step into the wonderful world of writing. 

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