Why the FWC is Important

Some people think that FWC is putting rules on wild game including land and sea but on the other hand it is very important. FWC has to regulate limits on fish and animals and they also make it illegal to fish the fish and kill certain animals during certain times of the year. FWC does this for one simple reason, they do this to take care of our wild game in florida. If we did not have any regulations on our wildlife their population would plummet because people would go out and kill a large amount of the population. This wouldn’t be a large matter if only a couple people do it, but in Florida around 2.77 million people fish.

Although some people think that FWC might be a waste of money they are wrong. FWC is very important for many reasons but the main ones are because they protect Florida’s natural resources (fish, wild life, and environment), but they also help keep people safe out in the woods and out in the water. It is important the FWC keeps regulation on our fisheries because if they didn’t our fish populations would deplete. Over the years I have personally noticed that there aren’t as many big mahi mahi as there used to be. This has been caused because of overfishing them. Mahi mahi is a trophy fish due to their beautiful colors, size and unique look. Due to Mahi Mahi being such prized fish people will go out and bring back an overwhelming amount of them and because of this it is harder for them to grow to their full size and hatch as many eggs as they could and due to this they have been getting harder to find and especially big ones.

Not only does FWC make it illegal to kill fish and animals but they can also encourage killing animals. For example FWC encourages people to kill iguanas. FWC encourages this because Iguanas are an invasive species and they are pests. The FWC wants us to kill iguanas because Iguanas don’t really help our ecosystems and they cause A lot of damage to our residential properties and our farms. They also eat flowers, vegetables, and destroy them. This is a problem because they find their way into our farms and they will destroy our crops, they will also destroy residential landscaping and can drop the property’s value. 

Another species that FWC was thinking about making it legal to kill was the goliath grouper. The FWC started protecting the Goliath grouper back in 1990 because they were deemed overfished. It has been illegal ever since but now since it has been protected the goliath grouper populations are extremely healthy. The FWC was thinking about opening the jew fish but they ended up not doing it. The Jew fish population increased by 36% since they were protected. This was great news because Jew fish are also prized fish. People travel from all over the world to catch this 8 foot  800 pound beast. This is also very important because it brings Florida more money from the tourist industry. 

The FWC is very important for our ecosystem but it is also important for Florida’s tourist industry. Florida has an extremely diverse ecosystem from our beautiful deep blue sea to our swamp lands and to our pinelands. Not only are our ecosystems so diverse and unique but so is our wild game from sea to land. This is very good for Florida because people come to the place where we get to call home just so they can catch a trophy fish or a trophy animal. If it wasn’t for FWC our wild game population would plummet and we would not be known for our fisheries or our hunting.

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