The Largest Global Shoe Brands

Today, many people struggle to think of a company which they get most of their shoes from. Shoes are an important part of someone’s outfit and are becoming more of a necessity for people as they age, especially if they start working, for instance, in construction or a desk job in a nice office. Many different types of shoes exist – dress, sports, heels, boots, but everyone eventually makes a decision on what shoe brand is theirs. For some people, it’s a popular brand like Nike or Adidas, but for others, it may be a smaller, localized brand from where they live. However, many people don’t actually know what the largest and most popular shoe brands globally are, and find it hard to make up their minds, thinking that some shoe brands are unpopular due to not knowing their real sizes. This is something that I will explain, the largest shoe brands globally, and what they produce.

It’s common knowledge that currently, the largest (and most popular) global shoe brand is Nike. Nike produces nearly $38.7 billion dollars worth of goods annually around the world, coming far ahead of its competition. Nike made several key and decisive decisions in the late 1990s that propelled them into global popularity, with National Basketball Association (NBA) deals and National Football League (NFL) deals that made them the most valuable player in the current clothing market. Far behind Nike in second place is the German brand Adidas. Adidas is a brand that is much older than Nike but has experienced some decline in recent years. They are most well known for their shoes and tracksuits, but unlike Nike, they don’t produce much variation in their options, which is likely a reason for their recent decline. They are actually based out of Germany but gain most of their revenue from their North American market which they have been tapping into recently. The brand that trails behind both Adidas and Nike is Kering. Kering is a sports apparel brand based in France, which makes around $16.1 USD annually in sales, and is well known for having ownership over extremely popular luxury brands like Balenciaga and Gucci, which makes it one of the most valuable holdings companies in the world today. 

All of these brands have well-known shoe production, but they have all slowly diversified into other markets such as eyewear or sports clothing, and will all likely continue to hold their places for many years to come.

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