Top 5 Best States to Vacation

By: Vivienne Wellet

California – With the capitol being Sacramento, it’s a popular place to go on vacation. For example, there’s parks like Disneyland, or natural parks like Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. The Hollywood sign is a very popular place to take pictures of,as well as Hollywood Boulevard. If traveling to San Francisco, visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge and take pictures of the view. Beaches are also a popular, calming thing to do. You can surf the waves, relax in the sun, and hang out with family or friends. If 21 or older there is wine tasting to enjoy as well. California’s nickname is the Golden State because it has been a popular destination and so they officially nicknamed it in 1968. Its population  is over 39.51 million people. 

Colorado – Capital is Denver, it’s a popular tourist attraction for skiing, amazing views, its wildlife, and many different activities to do as well. Activities include hiking in the Rocky Mountains, horse riding at Dude Ranch, go white water rafting, hike The Devil’s backbone, and go skiing in the rocky mountains. Colorado’s nickname is the Centennial State because of the wonderful scenery of mountains, rivers, and plains. Its population is over 5.759 million people. 

Florida – Capital is Tallahassee, it is popular for the warm weather, parks and beaches. Parks includes Disney world, Animal Kingdom, Universal, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. There are so many activities to do in Florida there’s, the dry tortugas, Devil’s Den snorkeling, Zipline, and many more. Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State because of the beautiful beaches and the vast alligator population. Florida is not invested but full of gators in the everglades as well as burmese pythons. Its population is over 21.48 million people. 

New York – Capital is Albany, popular for the sky high views , the Statue of Liberty, Times Square ,and the food. Things to do in New York are visit the 9/11 Memorial, visit the Empire State building, watch a Broadway Musical, go to Central park, go to High Line, Visit the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, and go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.There are many different types of nicknames for New York but the most common is the Empire State, and The Big Apple. Its population is over 19.45 million people. 

Nevada – Capital is Carson City, popular for Las Vegas and the views. Things to do in Nevada is Visit the Great Basin National Park, Visit Hoover Dam, Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, River Mountains Loop trail, go to Las Vegas, and many other things and activities. It is famous for the long stretches of deserts and casinos, live shows , and luxurious resorts. If you want to look for prettier scenery there’s Lake Tahoe, Valley of the Fire State Park, Great Basin National Park, and many more. Its  population is over 3.08 million people

Picture from Nations Online Projects

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