Top 5 Best States to Vacation

By: Vivienne Wellet California – With the capitol being Sacramento, it’s a popular place to go on vacation. For example, there’s parks like Disneyland, or natural parks like Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. The Hollywood sign is a very popular place to take pictures of,as well as Hollywood Boulevard. If traveling to San Francisco, visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge and take … Continue reading Top 5 Best States to Vacation

Fashion Trends of 2022

Fashion trends of 2022 have changed drastically through the past century. Everyone has gone through many different types of clothes from poodle skirts and leather jackets in the 1950s to trendy new clothes from 2000-2022. These are the top five of the new 2022 hottest fashion trends.  Skirts- Skirts have made a comeback since the 1960s-1970s. There are many different types of skirts like mini, … Continue reading Fashion Trends of 2022

Diabetes: How much do you really know about it?

Diabetes is a long-lasting disease where it involves blood sugar. It can evolve at any point in someone’s life if they aren’t careful with their bodies, and there are many different types of diabetes. Type one affects pancreas production so that little to no insulin is produced. Type two affects the way the body processes blood sugar. Prediabetes happens when blood sugar is high but … Continue reading Diabetes: How much do you really know about it?

A time to tell others thank you

November, the month Thanksgiving takes place in America, is widely considered a time to take a step back and show gratitude. Many take the people in their lives for granted; however, this month allows the students of Key West High School (KWHS) to take the time to truly appreciate those in their lives.  Ella Baxter, a sophomore at KWHS, voiced her gratitude for her family. … Continue reading A time to tell others thank you