A time to tell others thank you

November, the month Thanksgiving takes place in America, is widely considered a time to take a step back and show gratitude. Many take the people in their lives for granted; however, this month allows the students of Key West High School (KWHS) to take the time to truly appreciate those in their lives. 

Ella Baxter, a sophomore at KWHS, voiced her gratitude for her family. “I’m thankful for my family because they help me through tough times and stay by my side, helping me through anything and with everything I need.”

A freshman at KWHS, Reeghan Davis, agreed with Baxter on the prominent role of family. “I am thankful for my friends and family because I realized that family will always be there for you no matter what. It’s also like that with some of my close friends who are like family to me!”

Davis believes that dependability is an important trait to have in family and friendships. The assurance that family will be there, when no one else can be, is so relieving, and when certain friends are consistently there and reliable, they practically become family. 

Kailyn Smith, a junior at KWHS, concurred with this ideology. “I’m thankful for my friends because they’re always there for me.” Smith continued, “I love making memories with them.” Memories created together with friends bring joy into her life.

Claire Schoonover, Katerina Stolka, Kailyn Smith, and Ryan Fossum making memories together, which Kailyn is quite thankful for. Photo provided by Kailyn Smith

Another junior at KWHS, Isabela Barr, shared her thankfulness for the happiness her friends bring into her life as well. “Today I’m thankful for my friends because they make me laugh.”

 Feeling the same appreciation for his family and friends, Hunter Roger-Leon, a senior at KWHS, also expressed his gratitude for his teachers. “I feel grateful for my teachers that make the material for our classes interesting and easy to retain which alleviates a lot of stress,” said Roger-Leon “I’m also glad they are also willing to put up with me and my daily antics.”

Family, friends, and teachers are often not shown the appreciation they deserve for all they do, which is why this approaching holiday season should be a time to tell others to thank them for all they do.

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